The Society's Baptisms Database was started in 1999. The eventual objective is to record all baptisms from the parish registers of Buckinghamshire up to 1901. We have already recorded most of them - over 877,000.

The Society's Marriages Database contains all available register entries for marriages which took place in Buckinghamshire between 1538 and 1837 and we are adding all marriages up to 1901 (over 270,000 marriages).

The Society's Burials Database was started in 1999. The eventual objective is to record all burials from the parish registers of Buckinghamshire up to 1901. We have already recorded most of them - over 641,000 - but there are still quite a few to go. Some parishes are not complete. Before applying for a search please check the list of parishes and dates already covered by clicking here

We maintain a register of the names and locations which our members are researching known as "Members' Interests".

Members are invited to submit their surname interests for inclusion in our list of Members' Interests

The database contains a full transcription of the complete 1851 Census for Buckinghamshire with over 167,000 entries.

We maintain an index of Buckinghamshire strays - i.e. Bucks people who have 'strayed' out of the county perhaps to be married or who have appeared on a Census somewhere.

This database is not yet complete. It currently contains details of over 200,000 names, extracted from every Will proved in The Archdeaconry Court of Buckingham (1680–1801) and Princes Risborough Testators proved in The Archdeaconry Court of Buckingham (1500–1858).

A search of a specific type of record will be undertaken for members by Volunteers at the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies (CBS) in Aylesbury.

Always wondered how to determine which nth cousin x times removed you are from a relative? Well read on and you will be able to work this out for yourself!

Lets assume we have a family starting with Ada and Albert who are married and have two children Barry and Beryl. The family tree continues as set out below

One of the gateways to understanding what is found in any catalogue is understanding how the archivist undersands the item. This we can discover from where it is placed in the catalogue. The item must have been produced for a reason and understanding  the reason could help with the meaning the researcher is trying to glean from the information.

Here is an incomplete list of the top level groups in the Buckinghamshire Archives catalogue. Any additions will be welcome.

If the item you are looking at is in the QS part of the catalogue, you are looking at something involving a criminal activity such as a quarter sessions trial or som administration role withing the county of Buckinghamshire.


The most used parish resource are the registers for baptisms, marriages and burials but there are many other parish records which may have survived and could help family historians. Below is a list of the various parish records, if they have survived they are most likely to be in the County Record Office.

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The Society has been creating databases of Family History data for over 15 years. We can provide searches in the databases listed below.