The Society's Baptisms Database was started in 1999. The eventual objective is to record all baptisms from the parish registers of Buckinghamshire up to 1901. We have already recorded most of them - over 910,000.

The search options are:

  • Full county search for a specific baptism:
    • £2.50 
  • Search for every reference to a surname for any 100 year period:
    • £5.00

Payments are made online when requested to do so.

For a list of parishes covered see Current Database Status .

Searches of the database can be made.



You will receive:

Output will include (if on the original register) the names of the bride and groom, their places of residence, occupations, ages, name & occupation of fathers, whether by banns or licence, names of witnesses, whether or not the bride, groom & witnesses signed the register and an indicator to show that more information is contained in the original register. For an example of baptism search results click here

Searches are covered by the Consumer Protection (Distant Selling) Regulations 2000