The Society's Burials Database was started in 1999. The eventual objective is to record all burials from the parish registers of Buckinghamshire up to 1901. We have already recorded most of them - over 641,000 - but there are still quite a few to go. Some parishes are not complete. Before applying for a search please check the list of parishes and dates already covered by clicking here

If you do ask us to carry out a search what we will include for each person found, (assuming the information is available from the register), is name, burial date, date of death, age, relationship to others and any other miscellaneous information available. Please note that the burials database does not include any civil death registrations.

For an example of baptism search results click here.

How to apply for a burial search.
There are two options available:

Option 1: The Single Person Search. Cost £1.00
You give us the Surname and Christian name and we will check the complete Buckinghamshire database for all parishes and all years. (You can restrict the number of parishes or time span if you wish.)

Option 2: The Single Surname Search – All parishes for 100 years. Cost £3.00
You give us the surname and we will check the complete Buckinghamshire database for all parishes for any 100 year period which you specify. (Like Option 2 we will also throw in surname variants for free.)

You can request more than one search or more than one option provided that you send the full payment. Payment is required even if there are no matching entries to your request.

By Post & Cheque
Post your request together with a sterling cheque (payable to Buckinghamshire Family History Society) to Madeleine Harvey, BFHS Baptisms, 1 Drove Cottages, Newhaven Road, Rodmell, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 3HD.

Please include:

  • Details of which Option you want
  • The name or names you want searched for
  • The correct fee calculated from the options above

You should also tell us whether you wish to receive your results by email (don’t forget to include your email address) or as a printout(please send a large s.a.e with loose stamps.)

By Search Request Form & Voucher(Credit Card)


You will receive a reply confirming the cost of the search/es with a link to the shop where you may purchase the necessary vouchers to pay for the search by credit card. When payment has been received the results will be sent via email.
(IMPORTANT please only purchase vouchers when requested to do so – do not purchase in advance)

Searches are covered by the Consumer Protection (Distant Selling) Regulations 2000