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Exchange Journals

Journals of other Family History Societies are now available on our website. For many years FHSs have exchanged paper copies of their magazines and journals. As Societies move to exchange digital copies we are able to put these on our website so our members can read them. Paper copies were only available at Society meetings or by post so many more of our members now have access to them. 

Yorkshire Archaeological Soc Winter issue
IHGS Dec issue
Huddersfield and District FHS - Jan issue

Bedfordshire FHS - Dec issue
Glasgow and West of Scotland FHS - Oct issue

Barnsley FHS - Oct issue
Huddersfield and District FHS - Oct issue
Queensland FHS - Nov issue

Added Queensland FHS - Aug issue
Added Chesterfield FHS - Sept issue
Added FHS of NZ - Aug Issue
Added Heraldry and Genealogy Soc of Canberra - Sept Issue
Added new exchange Society - Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies - Sept Issue

May 2017 - Added Queensland FHS - May issue

March 2017 - added Yorkshire Archaeological Soc and Heraldry and Genealogy Soc of Canberra

Original Societies:
Bedfordshire FHS, Chesterfield FHS, FHS of New Zealand, Ipswich (Aus) Genealoy Soc

The Journals can be found by clicking on the "Exchange Journals" link at the bottom of the main menu