One of the gateways to understanding what is found in any catalogue is understanding how the archivist undersands the item. This we can discover from where it is placed in the catalogue. The item must have been produced for a reason and understanding  the reason could help with the meaning the researcher is trying to glean from the information.

Here is an incomplete list of the top level groups in the Buckinghamshire Archives catalogue. Any additions will be welcome.

If the item you are looking at is in the QS part of the catalogue, you are looking at something involving a criminal activity such as a quarter sessions trial or som administration role withing the county of Buckinghamshire.


Dates of Uk Censuses

  • 1801 Mar 10
  • 1811 May 27
  • 1821 May 28
  • 1831 May 30
  • 1841 Jun 6
  • 1851 Mar 30
  • 1861 Apr 7
  • 1871 Apr 2
  • 1881 Apr 3
  • 1891 Apr 5
  • 1901 Mar 31
  • 1911 Apr 2

The following parishes are not on the IGI or family search and therefore do not appear in Ancestry or FindMyPast


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