The Victorians had a preoccupation with death which is hard for us to understand. Many churchyards being full, the opening of new cemeteries changed Victorian attitudes to death and mourning and gave rise to an incredible growth in the funeral industry. Kevin Varty sets out to explain this in his talk.  All are welcome to attend the meeting at The Methodist Church Hall, Queensway, Bletchley at 7.30. Wednesday 3th April 2024

Kevin will bring samples of mourning jewellery and ephemera including the above mentioned black feathers and black underwear!


The meeting will start at 7.30 pm and will be free for members, any non members who may wish to attend will be charged £2. Teas and Coffees will be available after the meeting.  We would love to see folk back together again and look forward to seeing you all at 

BFHS Northern Group

The Methodist Church Hall, Queensway, Bletchley 
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