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Parish Registers

Dates of UK Parish Registers

UK Parish Registers go from 1538 to the present day. Not all records survive.

A useful source of information is "The Phillimore Atlas and Index to Parish Registers" by Cecil Humphrey-Smith which contains parish maps and a list of registers (and dates) available.

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Dates and the Calendar

1751 - The Nine Month Year and 1752 - the year they stole 11 days

Before 1751 the UK worked by the Julian calendar (25th March, Lady Day, to 24th March). By this time most of Europe, with the exception of Russia, had switched to the Gregorian calendar (1st January to 31st December).

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Civil Registration

Dates of Civil Registration

Civil Registration started in the UK on 1st July 1837 and continues to the present day.

Acts of Parliament which created Civil Registration

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Finding Living People

Here are some links that will help you to find living people

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Exchange Journals Library

The society exchanges journals with a large number of other Family History Societies both in this country and overseas. The librarian keeps the three most recent journals of each society. Members may borrow journals for up to a month by post or at the Central or North Bucks meetings. Those borrowing by post are asked to reimburse the small postal charges.  As new journals are received the older ones are passed on to the South Group.

General Library

The General Library consists of several hundred books and transcripts which relate to many areas of family history research.

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Library of Bucks People

The Lists of Bucks People Library includes all types of lists from apprentices indentures to wills indexes, but the largest single collection is of family trees of varying sizes and complexity. The only requirement for inclusion is that some, not necessarily all, of the people mentioned resided in Bucks at some time. There are now over 500 documents in the collection mentioning nearly 35,000 people

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