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Dates of UK Parish Registers

UK Parish Registers go from 1538 to the present day. Not all records survive.

A useful source of information is "The Phillimore Atlas and Index to Parish Registers" by Cecil Humphrey-Smith which contains parish maps and a list of registers (and dates) available.

1751 - The Nine Month Year and 1752 - the year they stole 11 days

Before 1751 the UK worked by the Julian calendar (25th March, Lady Day, to 24th March). By this time most of Europe, with the exception of Russia, had switched to the Gregorian calendar (1st January to 31st December).

Dates of Civil Registration

Civil Registration started in the UK on 1st July 1837 and continues to the present day.

Acts of Parliament which created Civil Registration

Bucks FHS does not participate in finding living people and is compliant with Data Protection Legislation.

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Dates of Uk Censuses

  • 1801 Mar 10
  • 1811 May 27
  • 1821 May 28
  • 1831 May 30
  • 1841 Jun 6
  • 1851 Mar 30
  • 1861 Apr 7
  • 1871 Apr 2
  • 1881 Apr 3
  • 1891 Apr 5
  • 1901 Mar 31
  • 1911 Apr 2

Below is part of the list of Family Trees available for download.

Below is part of the list of Family Trees available for download.

 Higgs of Wavendon files ...

John DOSSETT son of William DOSSETT
Burial – 11 May 1681 John DOSSETT son of William & Joyce
2 May 1681
To father William DOSSETT my 7 acres of arable land lying at Hairebush in Pirtwell Field
Residue to father – executor
Wm BEDDALL sen scr

Probat approbat 14 Sep 1681

Henry COSTARD inneholder
Burial – 30 Sep 1682
30 Sep 1682
To John LACEY scrivener of PR Edmund JONY of Chesham barber chirurgeon & John LOOSLEY of Allscott in PR yeoman all that my messuage or inne called by the name Crosse Keyes upon trust to the intent that they sell the property and dispose of proceeds as follows –
To my 4 daugs Anne Mary Elizabeth & Johane COSTARD £20 each at 21
To my son John COSTARD £40 at 21
To wife Anne third part of all rents or money raised by above sale for her life
To eldest son Henry COSTARD if he live to 21 all moneys in possession of trustees
Residue of goods to wife Anne – executrix
Robert J:O:NY

Probat approbat 15 Nov 1682

Richard DOSSETT butcher
Burial – 1 May 1608 Richard DOSSET
3 sons Richard, John & William – all that part of land called the Crossepocre in the parish of Monks Risborough
3 daugs Anne, Philip & Marye – land of 4 acres in Ruffe furlong in Monks Risborough
Son Richard the biggest cubbard standing in the hall & greatest spett
Son John table with a frame standing in the parlour
Son William my greatest kettle
Each daug 1 pair of sheets & 2 pewter platters
Residue to wife Agnes – executrix
Overseers: brother John DOSSETT & my cousin William WADE
Witnesses: John AXTON, John REVE, Walter HAIES
Probatum fuit 6 Jun 1608
(separate sheet)
A true & pfecte inventory of all the goodes & chattells of Richard DOSSETT deceassed lyeth in the pish of Monks Risborough praysed by Christopher WHELER, John AXTEN & Robert STALWOOD of Princes Risborough the 27 May 1628
Imprimis Eleven acres & arrable land which the said Richard DOSSET did hold by lease of 900 years or thereabouts praysed at xiiij li (crossed out) xj li
Exhibit at Newington 8 May 1628

Nicholas PARISH
File will Wf-55-144
Nicholas PARISH yeoman
Burial – 7 Oct 1691 Nicholas PARISH
15 Sep 1688
To son Nicholas £28
To daug Alice wife of Stephen HAWES £20
To daug Susanna £30
To my eldest daug Mary wife of Thomas PARSLOWE 20s yearly for life
To 2 grandchildren Thomas & Elizabeth PARSLOWE £5 each at age 21
To 2 granddaugs Deborah and Grace HAWES £2-10-0 each at age 21
Residue to eldest son Joseph – executor
Mark of Nicholas PARISH
Edward WADE

Probatum fuit 14 Oct 1691


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