1479 Sir John LEYNHAM alias PLOMMER of London
PROB-11-6 (37 Wattys)
To the freres of Ailesbury vj s viij d
To the church of Horsenden xxs
To the church of our lady of Saunderton vj s viij d
To the church of Risborough xx s

1482 Margaret LEYNHAM alias PLOMMER widow
PROB-11-7 (6 Lagge)
I bequeath to the church of prince Risburgh xxs
And to the church of Saunderton xxs
And to the church of Bledlowe xx s

1546 Sir John DAUNCE
PROB-11-31 (10 Alen)
Mentions Manor of St Margarets otherwise Mursleye of Bucks late a priory and I will also my lodge and thr myll thappurtenances in prince Risborough wtin the county of Buckingham and all my landes tenementes rentes reversions and all other hereditamentes wtin the said county of Buckingham……. To Edward DAUNCE my sonne otherwise called Edward MARYOTT and sonne to Agnes MARRYOTT nowe wyfe to Richard BUNCE
Dated 24 Sep 1546 proved 9 March 1546

1589 Dame Jane DUCKETT
PROB-11-75 (7 Drury)
Moiety of the lease of the Parsonage of Risborough to son Thomas DUCKETT mentions daughter Martha MAYE and members of BASKERFIELD family (see notes by Browne Willis of brass to Daniel MAYE infant of 1582 in Princes Risborough church
1594 John JACKMAN
PROB-11-84 (75 Dixey)
£20 to the poor of Risborough and to the repair of highways there

1545 Sir Michael DORMER
Alderman & Mercer of London 7 Sep 1545
Mentions sister Elizabeth TOWLEY and sister Constans
“I recon eche hath but one child which dwelleth at Rysborow and ther eche is maryed to a poure man”
To son Geoffrey…….. lands………….Rysborow


The inventorie of the goods & cattalls moveable and unmoveable aswell quicke as dead of Philip ASHLEY late of the pish of Risborowe princis vewed & praised by us Giles CLINKOT John NEELE & William NEELE the ix t day of Aprill anno dni 1571 or Elizabeth 13o

1571 Inventory of William ROSE
Lincoln records office 51-27
This is the inventory of all the goods movabell & unmovabell of Wyllyam ROSSE of the parryshe of Rysborowe prynsys presed the xvij daye of Apryell by Gyelles CLYNKET Jhon WADDE Robeart MARTYEN and Raffe HAWES

Sir Edward DUNE
Extracts from the will of Sir Edward DUNE, knight 1551 of Horsendon
Ref – PRO – PCC Wills - PROB-11-35 – Register POWELL Quire 1
…..body to be buried in Horsendon parish church next to Lady Dame Anne his late wife
Daughter of Anne wife of John COTTON
Daughter Frances LEE
Ann daughter of my sonne Rauf LEE
My nephew Rauf CHAMBERLEYN
My nephew Edward CHAMBERLAYN
To John ROBERTSON prest curat of the pishe churche of Bledlowe xx s
“Also I will that my executors shall give to the poore people being householders and dwelling or inhabiting within the towne and pyshes of prynces Rysboroughe, Saunderton, Ilmer, Hadnam, Bledlowe, Kingsey, West Wycombe & Longwick within the said countie of Bucks vj li xiij s iiij d of lawfull English money in maner oand forme folowinge that is to saye the daye of the buryall of my bodye and the same daye monethe then next and immediatlye folowinge by even porcions
And also I will that a sermon shall be made by godly learned man at every of the same dayes and that myne executors shall give for his labour xx s of lawfull English money”
Sole executrix – Frances LEE
No probate (previous 13 Jan 1551)

Transcript of an official PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE COPY dated 23rd August 1927 obtained by Mr A A Kidson then a member of the congregtion of St Mary’s church Princes Risborough. This copy in the original envelope remains in the church archive
This official copy of two foolscap pages is, according to the printed title, pursuant to Statute 1 and 2 Victoria, c 94. The first page has
• A one shilling embossed stmp with the words “Revenue – Royal Courts of Justice”
• Four adhesive perforated – edge stamps similar to postage stamps with the added label in red “Public Records”. Three stamps are of one shilling and one stamp is of five shillings
• The embossed seal of the Public Records Office
The second page has the embossed seal of the Public Records Office (twice) and the signature of J Vacy Lyle, Assistant Keeper of the Public Records Office, and the date 23rd August 1927, below the words “I certify that the foregoing is a true and authentic copy”

(Some abbreviations here expanded)

Inventories of church goods (Exchequer, Kings Remembrancer)
File 1 No. 38 m 2
6 Edward the Sixth Buckinghamshire
Pryncs Rhysborowe. This inventorie indetyd made the xxiij ti day of Julye in the syxt yere of the reign of or soveraign Lord Edward the syxt by the grace of God of Englond, Fraunce & Irelond kyng defencder of the faythe & in erthe of the churche of Ynglond & allso of Yrelond supreme hede of all goods plate juells & all other ornamentys perteynyng to the parishe churche of Pryncs Rysborow in the countye of Buckingham betwene the ryght honorable Sir Fraunces Russell Lord Russell Sir Robert Drury knyght George Jefford & Wyllyam Tyldesley esquyers of the one partye comyssion to them dyrectyd beryng date xvj day of Maye in the vj th yere of the reign of or soveraign lorde Kyngs Majestie that nowe ys & Thomas Dorset & Wylliam Hammes all wyche goods plate juells & other ornaments be comytted to the saffe costodyne of the sayde Thomas & William untyll suche tyme as the Kyngs Majesties pleasure be furder knowen
Imprimis a chalys of sylver & gylte with a patent
Item v great bells
Item iij capys one of rede velvett the other of satyn the thyrde of dyme bleu sylke
Item iij vestements one of rede velvett & another of blewe velvett & another blewe sylke
Item a surplys & iiij albes & iij deakens for the sute
Item a crosse of coper
Item a crosse clothe of canvas paynted
Item iij stremers one of grene sylke & the other ij of canvas paynted
Item the churche the chauncell & the porche ys covered with lede
Memoradum sold ij yers past a chalyce a sensur & ij pyxes of sylver by ye consent of the hooll parysshe for ye covering of yr churche

(Thomas Dorset & William Hammes would be the curch wardens. Hammes is probably a misreading for Hawes or Haines – these surnames appearing in other records of the parish for the same period)

1566 Inventory of Thomas PORTER

Lincoln records office inv 45-102 Lincoln consistory court

Invyetory mad of all the goods & catells of Thomas PORTER the ellder dwelling in Longweke in the pyshe of prynssys ressbroe wtthyn the conte Bukk myller late dessed (c’ xie) by John NEALE Wyllam CLAYDON and William SMYTH wth other mo

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