Admon – Ralph BALDWYN of Culverton widower 24 Jan 1658-9
Burial – 20 Dec 1658 Ralph BALDWIN gent

To Mr Francis HARNE £10
To Robt AXTEN £10
Every servant £3

£10 to the repair of the street of PR from my great gate to the pound

Whereas Edward DITCHFIELD salter, John HIGHWORD skinner, Humfrey CLARKE dyer and Francis MOSS scrivener citizens of ye city of London did by their deed indented and in his highness Court of Chancery inrolled bearinge date the (18 th Nov 7 th Charles) convey and assent unto my brother Thomas ADEANE & his heires for ever

All the Manor of PR………. Was set purchased and bought with monie of mee the said JC and by my direction conveyed unto my said brother and his heires forever….. now confirm unto my couzen Ralph ADEANE the son of my brother TA…. The said Manor Condicion – to pay his brother Thomas ADEANE £20 pa until 21 until the expiration of a lease unto one Sir Henry KNOWLES knight of all or som of the Demesnes……. After the lease expires…… TA shall have the 10 yard lands lying and being in Longwick field Bedmeade the Mill Close and Hide part of the demesne lands………. For rent to the lord of £5. If Ralph die without issue then to Thomas his brother then to Symon son of brother Symon

And whereas John JACKMAN Alice his wife Jane his mother …… Deed (24 Nov 22 James) in Chancery……. To Vincent BARRY Manor & Parsonage of PR.

John JACKMAN did devise unto Sir Thomas LEE of Murton in Bucks Thomas & Francis his sons all since deceased the Mansion House wherein the saif John JACKMAN did then dwell (lease) by assent of JJ assigned to TA my brother in trust for JC TA assigned to JC

To 8 poor widows or auncient maides at or in the house called Broke House in PR 10s to minister of PR £4 to the poor yearly
Executor – Ralph ADEANE

Vincent BARRY of Thame
Mr Anthony CHIBNALL of Magdalen College Oxford
Roger WIGGEN of Chalgrove
Robert AXTEN
Item to Byron ADEANE ….. all that Messua e Cotta e and the house malthouse garden and appurts in which I purchased of Mr DUCKETT – added tp will 3 May 1648
Witness: Francis STEVENS
Prob 27 Sep 1649
(in another handwriting) Decimo die mensis Februarij anno dni juxta p 1662o
Wm ABRAHAM sen arm secnon curatoris…. Thomas DEANE et Abrham DEANE minors ss of RD dum vixit exectoris JC

John DOSSETT son of William DOSSETT
Burial – 11 May 1681 John DOSSETT son of William & Joyce
2 May 1681
To father William DOSSETT my 7 acres of arable land lying at Hairebush in Pirtwell Field
Residue to father – executor
Wm BEDDALL sen scr

Probat approbat 14 Sep 1681

Henry COSTARD inneholder
Burial – 30 Sep 1682
30 Sep 1682
To John LACEY scrivener of PR Edmund JONY of Chesham barber chirurgeon & John LOOSLEY of Allscott in PR yeoman all that my messuage or inne called by the name Crosse Keyes upon trust to the intent that they sell the property and dispose of proceeds as follows –
To my 4 daugs Anne Mary Elizabeth & Johane COSTARD £20 each at 21
To my son John COSTARD £40 at 21
To wife Anne third part of all rents or money raised by above sale for her life
To eldest son Henry COSTARD if he live to 21 all moneys in possession of trustees
Residue of goods to wife Anne – executrix
Robert J:O:NY

Probat approbat 15 Nov 1682

Richard DOSSETT butcher
Burial – 1 May 1608 Richard DOSSET
3 sons Richard, John & William – all that part of land called the Crossepocre in the parish of Monks Risborough
3 daugs Anne, Philip & Marye – land of 4 acres in Ruffe furlong in Monks Risborough
Son Richard the biggest cubbard standing in the hall & greatest spett
Son John table with a frame standing in the parlour
Son William my greatest kettle
Each daug 1 pair of sheets & 2 pewter platters
Residue to wife Agnes – executrix
Overseers: brother John DOSSETT & my cousin William WADE
Witnesses: John AXTON, John REVE, Walter HAIES
Probatum fuit 6 Jun 1608
(separate sheet)
A true & pfecte inventory of all the goodes & chattells of Richard DOSSETT deceassed lyeth in the pish of Monks Risborough praysed by Christopher WHELER, John AXTEN & Robert STALWOOD of Princes Risborough the 27 May 1628
Imprimis Eleven acres & arrable land which the said Richard DOSSET did hold by lease of 900 years or thereabouts praysed at xiiij li (crossed out) xj li
Exhibit at Newington 8 May 1628

Nicholas PARISH
File will Wf-55-144
Nicholas PARISH yeoman
Burial – 7 Oct 1691 Nicholas PARISH
15 Sep 1688
To son Nicholas £28
To daug Alice wife of Stephen HAWES £20
To daug Susanna £30
To my eldest daug Mary wife of Thomas PARSLOWE 20s yearly for life
To 2 grandchildren Thomas & Elizabeth PARSLOWE £5 each at age 21
To 2 granddaugs Deborah and Grace HAWES £2-10-0 each at age 21
Residue to eldest son Joseph – executor
Mark of Nicholas PARISH
Edward WADE

Probatum fuit 14 Oct 1691

Princes Risborough – 17 th century Admnistrations – Archdeacon’s court
From the register of administrations 1660 – 1711
65 Richard STRATTON to Jane widow 18 Jan 1660 £37-5-10
(Burial 17 Jan 1658)
65 William MEADE to Elizabeth widow 18 Jan 1660 £15-7-8
(Burial 15 Oct 1658)
69 Susanne STEEVENS als STOKES to husband James STOKES £30 9 Nov 1666
(Burial unrecorded)
71 Richard COX to Bridget widow 30 May 1671 £233-13-10 1/5
(Burial 21 Apr 1671)
73 Stephen BESOUTH to Rebecca widow 29 Jun 1679 £76 Bondsman William BEDDALL silkweaver junr
(Burial unrecorded)
75 Alice WORLY to Elizabeth daug of Chalgrove spr £33-10-6 Bondsman Thos COKER of PR husbandman & John BOWLER 7 May 1677
(Burial unrecorded)
78 Robert LAMBORNE to son John 15 Nov 1682
(Burial unrecorded)
78 Edward BLICK als PETTIPACE to Samuell son 15 Nov 1682 £252-15-0
(Burial 10 Jun 1682)
79 Anne BEDDALL wid to Elizabeth daug 23 Apr 1684 £104
(Burial unrecorded)
79 (torn) COKER to Thomas COKER £309-11-2
(Burial 13 May 1684)
80 (torn) PARISH to Ann BAMPTON als PARISH 26 Aug 1685
(Burial unrecorded)
81 James BEDDALL to Alice widow 25 May 1687 £179
(Burial 19 Apr 1687)
81 Dorothy BLICKE als PETTIPACE to Samuell brother 23 Jun 1687 £125-10-0
(Burial 12 Oct 1686)
81 John BOWLER to son John 23 Jun 1687 £156-15-6
(Burial 4 Apr 1687)
81 John LANE to Anne widow 1 Mch 1686 £42-14-3
(Burial 24 Feb 1685)
81 John LOOSLEY 1687 (missing)
(Burial 21 Oct 1687)
82 Francis BAMPTON to Anne DWIGHT of MR & Theo DELAFIELD admins 31 Jan 1688 Inv £84-19-0
(Burial 25 Dec 1688)
83 John CAFFALL to Astra widow 7 Jan 1692 £85-17-0
(Burial 16 Oct 1692)
83 John REDROPP to William GUNNIMAN sen & Daniell WESTFIELD admins £12-13-0 23 Jan 1692
(Burial 29 Dec 1692)
84 Thomas BAMPTON to Ann widow 12 Mch 1693 £8-12-6
(Burial 13 Feb 1693)
84 Henry HAWES to son Henry 18 May 1694 £536-13-0
(Burial 30 Apr 1694)
84 Robert BLICKE als PETTIPACE to Ann widow 13 Aug 1694
(Burial 6 Aug 1694)
84 George BOWLER to Thomas son 16 Apr 1695 Bond
(Burial 11 Mch 1694)
84 Joseph COX to Henry son 6 Jul 1695 Bond
(Burial 27 Jun 1695)
85 Thomas BOWLER to George son 7 Mch 1695 £4-17-0
(Burial 4 Feb 1695)
85 Isaac CLEYDON (missing) £42-6-10
(Burial 9 May 1698)
86 John BOWLER to Ann widow 22 Jul 1699 £32-8-4
(Burial 14 Oct 1698)
86 Thomas LEE to Elizabeth widow 5 Aug 1699 £91-6-8
(Burial 15 Jun 1698)
86 Richard WALTON to Richard 11 Nov 1699 £90-17-8
(Burial 24 May 1699)


From the register of administrations 1633 – 49

P3v Thomas GILES to Sara widow and administ 2 May 1633 in £20
(Burial – 6 Apr 1633 Thomas GYLES)

P5r Thomas EDWARDS to Elizabeth widow & admin 6 Jun 1633 in £40 q de R.B. 20 Feb 1633 per cot (blank) BLICK de Bledlowe et allegat se etc computavit
(Burial – 10 May 1633 Thomas EDWARDS)

P5r Robert LOOSLEY to Dionisia widow & admin 26 Mch 1634 in £40 q de W. 26 Mch 1634 vijs in? 17 Apr 1634 cit p vijs etc 30 Apr 1634 computavit
(Burial – 1 May 1633 Robert LOOSELEY)

P19v William MEAD to Anne widow & admin 13 Oct 1637 def obt in ea William GOSSE of PR taylor het computavit pro £17-2d
(Burial - ?20 Apr 1637 John MEADE)

P19v Elizabeth BOWLER to Henry son & admin 25 Nov 1637 def obt in ea John HILL het computavit pro £19-14-8 12 Mch 1638 pro nota etc
(Burial not recorded)

P23v Nicholas BOWLER of Longwick to Margaret widow & admin def obt cum ea John WEBB of PR yeoman in £200 het computavit pro (?) £118-11-0 etc
(Burial – 17 Aug 1638 Nicollas BOWLER)

P27v Thomas WHITCHURCH of Loosley Row to Richard (?DEVON) of Watlington, Oxon, yeoman avo ex materna latera Richard WHITCHURCH son & admin of T.W. 3 Aug 1639 ad usum et durante in novietate dci Richard WHITCHURCH cum ea Joseph BATES of Draighton beach’ husbandman & Richard MARTIN of the same husbandman in £470 het computavit pro £233-18-0 etc computavit 9 Jul 1640
(Burial – 16 Jul 1639 Thomas WHITCHURCH)

P30r Margaret BOWLER to Nicholas BOWLER son & admin 1 Feb 1639 John NEELE of PR yeoman in £60 computavit pro £29-16-0
(Burial – 6 Oct 1639 widow BOWLER)

P61v Thomas CLARKE for goods not administered by Joan CLARKE alias NEWELL widow & admin Joan was wife of William NEWELL of PR To administer to the ise of Thomas and Dennis CLARKE liberora dicta Joane CLARKE deceased ob cum ea Matthew DURRAUNT of Wendover innholder in £100 het computavit pro £47-5-6 (see wills under Thomas CLARKE)
(Burial – 14 May 1643 wife of William NEWELL)

P61v William ATTWATER to the Rev. Francis HERON clericus curate of PR ab intesta def 21 Dec 1643 Elizabeth ATTWATER widow obt cum ea Richard EEDES of Great Kimble yeoman in £100 het computavit pro £57-9-8
(Burial not recorded)

P62r Edward BOWLER to John BARTIN clericus surrogate 22 Mch 1644 ab intestat Frances BOWLER widow obt cum ea Richard LANE of Wendover taylor in £80 het computavit pro £36-1-8
(Burial not recorded)

P62r Thomas NORTH John ARMITAGE clericus surrogate et commissa fuit et est admin om et sing bon etc Thomas NORTH nup dum vixit de Loosley Row poch de PR arch Bucks ab intestat def Catherine NORTH relicta dicti def pson Jurat salvo Jure Comm obt cum ea William WINGRAVE of High Wycombe Arch Bucks pred parchmentmaker in £60 het computavit pro £22-9-8
(Burial not recorded)

Isabell WARNER
In dei noie amen the yere of or Lorde God M ccccc xxxviii ti the pri daye of February. I Isabell WARNER of the pishe of prince Rysborow in the dioc of Lincolln & the countie of Buckingham hole of mynd & good remembrance make my testament and last wyll in maner and forme following
Fyrst I bequethe my sole to allmyghty God and to or lady saincte Mary and all saincts in hevyn to praye for me and my body to be buried in the churchyarde of or blessed lady in princes Rysborowe aforesaide
Item to the hyghe (sic) for tythes forgoten ij d
Item to the bells iiij d
Item to the toches ij d
Item to Andrew MESSENGER I gyve & beqethe to fulfill his grandfathers will my best shoied carter & the carte gere therto belonging and also my best plowe and all things belonging therto iiij horses the querne iiij sheppe the best cowe the best potte the best panne a plater a pewter dyshe a sawcer of the best the best spitte the best candstike (sic) my best fether bede a matteres a bolster ij paire of shets a crystening shete my best coverlet a blanket an hangyng & a greate cofer a table cloth & a table. And yf yt fortune the same Andrew MESSENGER to depte this worlde afore he ys of thage of xx ti yeres that then I will that yt be evenly pted to his ij systers Esabett & Johan
Item I wyll that Richard LACY and Esabett his wyffe shal dwell in my house for the space of one yere followyng paying all rents and dewties. And he to have all renuyngs iiij sheppe & a cowe bullocke & one of the best hogges a sowe the cobbert the yeling fate the here of the oste a salte troffe a kneding troffe a pot a pan next the best a ringged cauderine a posuet a paire of shets a pillow biere a table clothe a bell candelstike a spit a coberds a grediarine an elvat toblys my best kytell & a rayell
Item I gyve to Jone COTERELL iij sheppe and one shepe to my godson a bell cowe my best gowne my best kyrtell a pan a plater a pewter dyshe a saw (sic) a bushell of whete another of barlie
Item I gyve to Alles my dowghter vj sheppe a pan a kyrtell a payre of shets a busshell of whete another of barlie
Item I gyve to Johan MESSENGER a cowe a pane a potte a posuet a cauderine a lytell ketill a mattres a paire of shets a coverlet a blanket a bolster a pillow (fether?) byere a coffer a plater a pewter dyshe a sawcer and a candelstike a table cloth a spite a table
Item to every godchilde yf they fetche yt iiij d
Item to Esabett DARVILL a pane
Item to Isabell ALYCS a bushell of whet
Item to John HUYSE my brother in law halffe a quarter of wete and halff a quarter of barlie to be paide at shuch (sic) tyme as they convenyently paie yt
Item to Tonisoy ALYCS a kercheffe nex the best
Item to Johan FASTENDICHE the iij kerchewe
Item to Jone RYNBURNE my best petycote and a smoke
Item to Johan HAWIS my best apurine
Item to Andrewe WINGRAVE a lambe
Item to Thomas FORDE my godson a lambe
Item to Roger ADEMS a lambe
Item to Johan (?DREW) a tygge & a busshell of whete
Item to Esabett COTERELL a shepe
Item to John COTERELL (crossed through) HORTON a bushell of whete & a young sheppe
Item to Agnes WINGROVE a shepe
Item I (sic) that Richard LACY shall be my executor to fulfill this my laste wyll and to bringe me honestly in erthe. The resydue of my goods my debts payde my will pformed I wyll he shall have them to do for me husband and (?me) as he shall think best. Also I will that the saide Richard have all the goods of Andrewe MESSENGER and Johan MESSENGER his sister in maner and forme folowing that ys to saye theire kyne paing them xx ti d a pece yerely for theire tyme and to have theire sheppe to hawnys and yerly to make accompt unto John WATERS of all the moneys more of theire sheppe and allso to put in sufficyent suertie as well for the pfets of the same as for the delivery of the stoke a gayne and also to put in sufficient surtie for all other my byquests to them belonging to the saide John and other afore my monethes mynde be comforth wch John WATERS I make m oversear to se this my will pformed and I gyve him for his labor a quarter of wete
Witnesse to this my last wyll
Sir William BARREBE pson of Bradnam
Richard FORDE of Bradnam
Laurence HERYN of Hychendon pishe
John HAYS of Greate Wycombe
(no probate)


Francis PYGOTT
Ref – PRO – PCC Wills – PROB-11-46 Register CHAYRE Quire 17
Francis PYGOTT 25 Mch 1557 proved 28 Apr 1563

“Written with his owne hande”
His soul to almighty god our lady saint Mary and the whole company of heaven, his burial where he happens to depart
To Thomas PYGOTT my eldest son lands on Hatfelde and Bedwelle Herefs (but ?Herts)
To John PYGOTT my son my son at Risboroughe and also my beste coate edged withe parchement lace and a cuppe of silver and guilte with a cover
And further I bequeath to Griffin PYGOTT my sonne my house at Risboroughe called Belles (?Benells) wth the lande thereto belonginge and the rest of my plate……………my lovng freends John RAINER and John WEST (possibly EAST)
And further I bequeath to John PYGOTT my sonne my freeholde cloase called Brimmars in the lordshyppe of Risboroughe aforesaid
Wife Elizabeth executrix give her the lease of my farme at Risboroughe called Demaine Lands
Richarde HAMPDEN
In February 1559 Charles SMYTH was granted the office of bailiff of the manor of Princes Risborough void by the death of Francis PYGOTT (Patent Rolls Eliz. Vol 1 p 104)
In July the same year Elizabeth PYGOTT was granted 20 year lease of the demesne lands of Princes Risborough (ibid p 115)

Dorothy Lady WYNDSOR
Ref – PRO – PCC Wills – PROB-11-45 Register STREAT Qu 6

Dorothy Lady WYNDSOR 1561
Long will appears to have resided with my lady NORTHUMBERLAND who is much mentioned as is my lady SHREWSBURY
Lots of good plate and clothing listed and bequeathed to various relations and benefactors
Lease of parsonage of Princes Risborough to brother Thomas DACRE
To the poore at Resburgh iij li vj s viij d presentlie to be distributed and also the corn to be deltt yearlie in suche sorte as it hathe been accustomed
Copyhold lands of John RAINER to be enfranchised

Ref – PRO – PCC Wills – PROB-11-36 Register TASHE Quire

Thomas WYNDSOR knight 8 November 1552 proved 16 Jan 1553
Acquired the lease of Abbot’s manor of Princes Risborough from the executors of the above Thomas CARTER. Not resident. See extract printed in “Testaments Vetusta” N.H. Nicolas (1826).
To his wife Dorothy – she shall have the said parsonage of Prynces Risborought to dwell in paying thereon yerly as it is worth to the use aforesaid

Thomas LACYE

Administrations 1580-535

Parish register – Burial – Thomas LACYE 25 May 1580


Noverint universi per presentes nos Joanna’ LACY de princis Borowe in vom’ Buckingham administatrice omn’ et singulis bonorum Thome LACYE nup dii vixit de a]ead ab intestat def Johannem JONSONNE de Bledlwe in com’ Buckinga’ pred’ laborer et Richardu’ FFORD de Isborowe in eodem com’ Buckingham laborer teneri et firmiter obligari Reverendo in Chrs patri et dns dns Thome permissione dia Lincoln Eps in quadraginta libris legal’ monete Anglie solvend eid Rdo patri aut suo cert attornato vel Successor suis in eod assino Ad quam quidem solutionem bene et faciendum obligamus nos et quelibet nostrum per se pro toto et insolidum heredes exequutores et administatores nostrus formiter per presentes Sigillis nostris sigillatas date iiij to die mensis Junij Anno dni millimo quingentesimo octogesimo

The condicon of this obligacon ys suche that if the above bouden Joanne LACYE do well and trulie adminster all and singular the goods and cattells of the abovenamed Thomas LACYE late of Princisborowe in the said countie of Lincoln (sic) her husband decessed in paigne his debts & legacies so fare as the goods will extend and give a true & perfecte accompte of the said administacon whensoever she shalbe lawfullie required by the Byshoppe of Lincoln or his vicare generall for the tyme beinge and save and kepe harmeles the said Byshoppe of Lincoln and all his officers and ministers for all things concerninge the grantinge of the said letteres of administracon and gove and distribute to amongst the naturall children of the said decessed suche pte and porcon of the goods and cattells of the said decessed as the said Byshoppe of Lincoln or his vicare generall shall appointe by his discretion that then this presente obligacon to be void and of none effecte or els to stand in full strength power


The invytorye of all the moveable goodes and cattalles of Thomas LACYE of Speene in the paryshe of princis Rysborowe and in the countye of Buckgam Deseased praysed the ffyrst daye of June by Thomas HYLL John JOHNSONNE Richard FFORD wythe others

In primis in halle a forme and a table


xij d

Item ij cubbards


xj s


Item iiij stolles


iiij d

Item a greate troffe


vj d

Item ij brasse potts


iij s

iiij d

Item vj kyttles


vj s


Item a posnat a skymmer & a ffrying panne


xviij d

Item an ollde paynted clothe


vj d

Item vij pewter platters ij sawsers & a chaving dyshe


iiij s


Item ij spyts and a payre of cobirons


xx d

Item ij potthangers


xij d

Item ij tubbes


xij d

Item a kyver


iiij d

Item a mattock


vj d

Item a busshell


vj d

In the chamber


Item a joyne bedsteade


v s


Item a fflocke bed and a coverlet


viij s


Item a bollster


xij d

Item another bedsteade


xx d

Item another bollster & a coverlet


xx d

Item ij coofers


xij d

Item an ollde huche


vj d

Item iij payre of sheets


vj d

Item ij table clothes


ij s

vj d

Item ij pyllow abd ij pyllow beares


ij s

vj d

Item a towell


viij d

Item a hundred of boards & a fatt


vj s

viij d

Item a quearne


v s


Item a cowe and a bullock


xxx s


Item iij shepe and a lambe


xij s


Item ij shots and ij piggs


viij s

viij d

Item a grynstonne


viij d

Item ij acres of wheate


xxvj s

viij d

Item iij acres of rye


xxx s


Item iij acres of pease


xv s


Total of moveable goods




Total of Cattalles




Total of crops




Sum Total





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