In the name of god amen the tenth day of December the yere of or lorde god 1544 I Thomas CHILDE of Longweke in thr pyshe of Risborow principis beinge syke in bodie & havyng pfate remembrance do make my testament or laste will after this maner folowinge

Fyrst I bequeth my soule to almightie god to our ladie saynt Mary & to all the holy company of heven & my bodie to be buryde wtin the pyshe cherch above sayde

Item to ye mother cherch of Lincoln ij d

Item to the high alter for my tythes forgotten iiij d

Item I geve to John PERON vj s viij d

Item I geve to (Menecent) WYDOWE vj s viij d

The resydue of my goods not bequethed my debets paide & my funerall expensys alowyde I geve to John NEALE whom I mak my full executor he to dispose wt my goods for the helthe of my soule & all christian soules

Witnes therto

Th SMYTH curate



Wt other moo

Probatur psns testament ao dni 1545 apud Alisburie xvo die mensis aprilis coram mag BINSLEY judice juranta xvij s viij d


There is another will register copy in D-A-We-154-43

In the name of god amen the x day of January ye yere of or lorde gode 1544 I Jone PETYPACE widow in Longweke wthin ye pishe of Risborow princes being sik in body & also havyng good remembrance make my testament & last will after this maner fowloing first I bequeth my soule to almightie god to or blessed lady saint Mary & to all ye holy company of heven & my body to be buried wthin the chirch yarde of my pishe

Item I bequeth to ye sacrament in woorshipp therof ij d

Item to ye chirch of Lincoln j d

Item to Thomas BLEK my soon ye grete coffer

Item to John my soon a which

Item to Thomas ye soon of John a coffer

Item I give to John my soon as hit was wth all yt lay uppon hit except a coverlett wch lieth uppon me wch is nott myne

The residue of my goods not bequethed I give to William PETYPACE my soon whom I orden & make to be full executor to ys my will

This being witnesse

Thomas SMITH



Margery HEBE


Wt other moo

Probatum fuit pns test admiss… apud Alisbury xx die Decembris bonorum xiij s

Note: “a which” = probably a chest – OE hwicce – see D H Reaney “Dictionary of British Surnames” (1976) under “Whitcher”

Richard TRYPE

In the name of god amen the xxiii day of February yn the yeare of or lorde 1544 I Richard TRYPE of Rysborowe principis within the countye of Buck beyng sycke yn bodye and havyng perfecte remembrans do make my testament and last wyll yn maner followinge

Ffyrst I bequethe my sowle unto almighti god to ower layde saynt Marye and to all the holye companye that is in hevyn and my bodye to be buryed wythn the churchyarde above sayd

Item I geve to the mother church of Lyncoln ij d

Item to ye hygh alter wythyn my paryshe churche aforessayde iiij d

Item I gyve to Jone my dowghter halfe a quarter of barlye

Item to William my sone halfe a quarter of barlye

The residue of my goods not bequethyf I geve and bequethe to Annes my wyfe whom I make and ordeyne to be my sulle executore. Also yt ys provyded that I geve and bequethe to Annes my wyfe my howse sette and lyeinge yn Alscott towne and the feelds wythyn the sayde paryshe with all the appertynans belongyng the run to the hole croppe of this yere to the sayde Annes and so durynge the space of ij yeres next followynge after the dysseace of the sayde Richard

Yn wytness wherof

Thomas SMYTHE clark & curat




Summa inventarij omnium bonorum dicti defuncti iij li ix s ij d

Probatum fuit ij diem mensis Mai j dni 1544 apud Aylsberye

The year 1544 is written as 15ll

Apparently this was an early use of arabic numberals with the figure four looking something like the written letter L in lower case

There is an account with illustrations of this early use of arabic numerals in “The handwriting of English documents” by L C Hector (1958)

Information aquired from Mrs S Charlton of the Bucks Record Office as to these unusual figures and for the reference mentioned above

Abraham HOWES

Abraham HOWES of Ascott House parish of Wing, Labourer

Made 4 Jan 1685-6

Proved 27 Mar 1686 by Stephen GREENE and Susanna GREENE, joint executors


...... Elizabeth HOWES of Ascott House, spinster ....... my sister Anne COTCHING wife of Richard COTCHING of Ascott ........ my niece Elizabeth THORNE eldest daughter of Richard COTCHING ........ Dorothy COTCHING another daughter of said Richard ....... Stephen GREENE of Billingdon in the parish of Leighton Buzzard co Bedford and Susanna his wife ....... poor of the parish of Wing to be distributed by my good friend William HORE of Ascott

Edward RANE of the Hamlet of Chartridge in the parish of Chesham, Yeoman

Made 3 Oct 1683

Proved ? Feb 1686-7 by James HARDING, son in law, sole exor

Wits: John CHASE, Paul DAVIS, William CHASE

.. my wife Mary RANE ….. my daughter Sarah FEARNE wife of George FEARNE of Allmun [Aldenham?] co Hertford ….. my grandchild Mary FEARNE daughter of George and Sarah FEARNE at age 21 or earlier marriage ….. her brother Edward FEARNE and her sister Ann FEARNE at their respective ages of 21 ….. my grandchild Anne FEARNE daughter of George and Sarah FEARNE at age 21 or earlier marriage …… my daughter Susanna NAYLOR ….. my grandchild Edward CRAWLEY son of Thomas and Jane CRAWLEY of Hempstead in co Hertford at age 21


Robert HARBERT of Aston in the parish of Ivinghoe, Blacksmith

Made 10 Jun 1686

Proved 4 Sep 1686 by Roger HARBERT, brother, sole exor

Wits: George NEVELL, William ELLINGHAM, Henry LARRANCE

…… my brother John HARBERT …… cottage purchased of William JOHNSON, gent, and Thomas JOHNSON, William SAWELL and Edmund STEVENS ….. land lately purchased of Northall ……. Roger HARBERT my younger brother ….. my father Richard HARBERT …… Elizabeth DURRANT

Edward LANE

(File will Wf-14-343)

Parish register – buried 15 Jul 1600

In the name of god amen, anno dni the xiiij th daye of Julye I Edward LANE of the pishe of Prince Risborowe in the countye of Bucks yeoman beinge whole and pfitt in memorye make and ordeyne this my psent testament conteyninge therin my last will in maner & forme followinge

Ffirst I bequeathe my soule unto almightie god my creator and my bodye to be buryed in the churchyard of Prince Risbrowe aforesayd and as concerninge my lands goods and chattels wherwith god hath blessed me in this lyfe,

First I geve and bequeath unto Edward LANE my eldest sonne my howse or tenement wherin I now dwell wth all the lands wth all and singular thappurtenances therunto belonginge in as large and ample maner as I selfe have and enjoye the same, and my will is that Sibill my wife shall have use and occupie my sayd tenement and all the lands with all other thappurtenances therunto belonginge all the wood and underwood only excepted and reserved until my sayd sonne come to the age of xxj ti years and then from thenceforth I will that my sayd wife yf shee be not maryed shall still enioye use and occupie to her owne use halfe parte of my sayd tenement with the howsage and buildinge to the same belonginge And also the halfe parte of all the free land wth all other thappurtenances to the sayd tenement appteyninge duringe the whole tyme and space of her widdowhod and no longer, conditionallye that she shall not clayme nor requier any other right or use in any of the sayd lands so longe as she shall enioye the halfe parte as aforesayd

Item I geve and bequeath unto William LANE and Robert LANE my sonns my meadowe close cauled Sanderton Mead wch I puerchased of Mr Edward DUNN LEE equallye to be devided betweene them and to their heirs forever with all maner of deeds evidences bonds obligations and muniments whatsoever belonginge to the same And my will is that yf any of my sayd sonnes dye wthout heires then the sayd meadowe shall wholye remayne unto the other and to his heires forever Also I will that the rents and pfitts of the sayd meadowe arisinge untill my sayd sonnes come wthin two years of their full age to enter uppon the same shall be imployed to the payment of such legacys as are herafter mentioned And that sayd two sonnes shall have the rents and pfitts of the sayd meadowe two years next before they come to their sayd severall full ages, notwithstandinge because I am willinge to Joyne the sayd meadowe close unto my tenement and to the rest of my land afore mentioned I will that yf my sayd sonne Edward LANE shall paye or cause to be payd unto William and Robert my aforesayd sonnes the sume of two hundred pownds of lawfull Englishe mony in maner as followeth that is to saye on hundred pownds unto eyther of them at their severall ages of xix years then my former gift of the sayd meadowe unto them and eyther of them shall be voyde and frustrate, and the sayd Edward shall wholye enioye and hold the same to him and his heirs forever enteringe uppon the parts of the same severallye at such tymes as he shall paye or cause to be payd the portions aforesayd and not before untill wch tymes my aforesayd wife shall receave the rents and pfitts of the sayd meadowe as is before sayd to the use aforesayd And yf yt come to passe that eyther of my sayd sonnes William or Robert doe dye eyther before the sayd sume of two hundred pownds or any partes not beinge payd as afore appoynted, then the whole sume or summes as is behinde unpayd shall be geven him that is survivinge of them two at the age of ninteene years as is before sayd,

Item I geve and bequeath unto John LANE my sonne twenty pownds of lawfull mony to be payd unto him when he shall come to the age of xxi ti years, And yf my sayd sonne John decease before he come to the sayd age then I will the sayd some of xx ll to remayne unto my other two sonnes William and Robert equallye betweene them or to any one of them survivinge

Item I bequeath unto Sara LANE my daughter twenty pownds of lawfull mony to be payd unto her when she shall accomplishe the age of twenty years

Item I bequeath unto Anne LANE and Lucye LANE my other daughters unto eyther of them thirty pownds to be payd unto them when they come to severall ages of twenty years, and yf eyther of my sayd three daughters decease before she or they accomplishe their sayd ages of twenty years, then I will that her or their portion so deceased shall remayne unto her or them wch after shall survive

Item I bequeath unto Edward LANE my sonne my cubard and the great chest in the lofte and the bedstead fetherbed and all things nowe belonginge therunto nowe standing in the lofte

Item I geve more unto my sonne Edward my table in the haule, a maulte querne and a saltinge trofe,

Item I geve and bequeath unto the poore of the pishe of Prince Risbrowe xx s to be distrubuted at the discretion of my overseers

The residue if all my goods and chattels unbequeathed moveable and unmoveable quicke & dead of what kinde and nature soever they be my debts and legacyes beinge payd and funerall exoences discharged I geve and bequeath unto Sibell my wife whome I make my sole executrix of this my last will and testament with the pviso and uppon condition that my sonne Edward shall have and enioye to his use & comodetye the one halfe of all my goods and chattels in as large and ampe maner as it is at the tyme of my decease, at the tyme of his full age of xxj ti years exceptinge all such monye and sumes of monye as are dew to be payd unto me from any pson or psons whatsoever by kynde or wrightinge or otherwise, Which monye or sumes of monye so dew I will that Sibell my wife shall have onlye to her owne proper use, Also I will that yf Sibell my wife doe marrye agayne after my decease before all thes legacyes afore geven & bequeathed are payd pformed and discharged, then sufficient bonds and securetye to be taken by myne overseers for the payment and pformance of the sayd legacys to be done wthout fraude deceipte or gyle and accordinge to the meaninge of this my psent will & testament, and farther I Edward LANE have also provided by this my psent testament that yf any parte therin mentioned shall seeme to be discontented and so to rayse any troble contraye to my meaninge for any thinge wch I have herby determined to be donne the sayd party so discontented and troblesone whosoever it shall be deprived altogether of their portion wch shall be devided indifferentlye amongst the rest,

Also I make and ordeyne my lovinge brothers Robert LANE and Thomas LANE mine overseers of this my last will and testament to see all things pformed as farre for the as they cann or maye accordinge to the effect and true meaninge therof in all things, And I bequeath unto them for their paines therin to be taken unto eyther of them xx s

In witnes wherof I have herunto set my hand and seale the daye and yeare first above written

Witnesses to this testament

Robert LANE

Thomas LANE

Richard ASHBYE


John REEVE cleric

Probatum fuit…….. vicesimo die mensis Octobris in anno dni 1600


Original will and one file copy

The original has an attached schedule of the lands given under the will. This schedule is the subject of an allegation and a depostiton which accompany the two wills. There is also an entry in a will register (D-A-We-154-267) but this is defective

Parish register – burial 27 Oct 1598

In the name of god amen I Thomas BRISTO of the parish of Princes Risbrow of Allskot beinge sike in body but of parfit remembrance pres be to god do make and ordayne this my laste will and testament in manere and forme as folothe

Ffirste I will and be quithe my sole to allmight god my maker and redemer and my body to be barered at the docshericon of my excektores and I do make Jone my wife and Thomas BRISTOWE my sone my full excektores of this my last will and testament as folothe

Item I be quith unto William BRISTOW my yoniste sone my hose at Longewick and ix akeres of landes with all the profites and apertenes therto be londe to he and is ayeres for ever

Item I give to William BRISTO and Jan BRISTO my hores mylle or otmall myll equill between them bothe

Item I will unto Jane BRISTO my dafter fortye pondes of corent mony

Allso I geve unto Annies BRISTO my dafter fortye pondes of corent mony

Allso I do apynte that forte pounds apece shall be in parte of ther granfatheres legecyce

Allso I do apynte that Jane BRISTO and Annese BRISTO my dafteres shall receive of there legeisies twenty pondes apece with thin thre yeres after my dises and the other twenty pondes apece with in vj yeres after my decies

Item I give unto my brotheres unto eche one of them a boshell of barly and to be payde presently after my dethe

Item I geve unto everi on of my godchildren xij pence a peece

Item I will that Jone CORNICH shall have my hose at Longewicke with all the profite untill William BRISTO comith to the ayge of one and twenti yeres

Item I will unto Alles CORNICH halfe a quarter of barly to be payd the micklmis after my deces

All the rest of my godes movealles and unmofeablalles (sic) I give unto Jon my wife and to Thomas BRISTO my sone whom I make my full exektores of this my laste will and testament

Allso it is a grede betwene Jone my wyfe and Thomas my sone that they shall hold occupie and enioye all my landes equally betwene them both

Item I geve unto Elizabeth CHITCH xij d

And farder mor that Jone BRISTO my wife dothe consent unto that Thomas BRISTO my sone shall have hold ocupy & in joye halfe the copye holde that Jone BRISTO my wife dothe holde of her on in heritance as farforth as she her selfe dothe so longe as them to dothe leye together and them to shall pay all my detes and legacies eqwall betwene them bothe And if that Jone my wife shall at any time herhafter defrade and not suver my son Thomas to hold half with her of all her copy holde landes that then shall Thomas my son holde all the riste of my fre landes and half my goodes and Jone my wife to paye all my detes and legacies her selfe and to be full excutor herselfe and all so I do apynte that Thomas BRISTO my sone shall enter presently after my dethe of halfe my landes and goodes with Jone my wyfe and farther mo I do make and ordayne of this my last will and testament my oversere my trasty and willbloved frind Johne CHICH my son in lawe and I do geyve him for his paynes xij d

The mark (his mark) of Thomas BRISTOW

Thes beinge witenes Robert COOKER Cesly MEDE witnes

Probatum fuit…. Viij o die Januarij 1598 ……

(attached sheet with schedule of lands devised – same handwriting as will)

A terror of the land geven in this testament

Item I geve unto William BRISTO

Item on iij yardes linge in Chakmor under the hedge

First v landes in linge in Longewickfielde and houes at Longewicke

Allso v landes in Horsindonhill and on rud

Item on akere of Somerles in West Med master hamdien on the north side

Item on akere shutinge down Westmede fron the waye master Cotton on the weste side master clarke on the este side

Item on land at Bolares Bushes Richard LOWSLY on the este side and Robert SLATER weste side

Item on land in Danesmorfelde shuting downe to Grinstreet Richard HAWES on the north side

Item I geve my houes at Longwicke and all thes landes with the profites and apertenance thare to be longe

Item I will that William BRISTO shall paye the quit rent for the houes at Longewicke to Sur Robert DORMER


Quibus die et loco PHILIPES procurator Johannis BRISTOE relictis………..


Testes ex parte Johanne BRISTOWE at Thomas BRISTOWE executores testi Thome BRISTOWE nup de Alscott poches Risborowe in causa pbationis testi dci Thome BRISTOWE defunct exeunt quarto die Decembris 1598

Robertum COKER de Alscot poches de Risborowe ubi habitavit & nativitate aetatis circa XL Annos testis admissi jurat et depondit ut sequitur

Allegationis et scedular testimonaria Annexa eidem certa et ostensta hic deponens dicit

That uppon Simon and Judes Eve last Thomas BRISTOW articulate decesed beying sick in his body in his own ouse and in pfect memory in the psens of Jane BRISTOW and Cicely MEAD requested this deponent to wright his will and this deponent having ink and paper psently from his mouth dyd wright his will in wch will he gave unto William BRISTOWE his youngest sonne and to his heyres forever nyne akers of land and a house in Longewick, he allso gave to the sayd William and Jane BRISTOWE his daughter his horsmill and to Jane BRISTOWE forty pounds

And to Agnes BRISTOWE forty pounds and certayn other legacies And mafe Johan BRISTOWE his wife and Thomas BRSTOWE his sonne executors And to the schedule testamentary he sayth that yt conteyneth the true and pfect will of the sayd Thomas BRISTOWE deceased and yt is the same will that this deponent dyd wright from his mouth And the testator afforesayd acknowleged yt to be his will and set his hand to the same after that yt was read unto him in the psens of the forenamed witnesses and others that were psent

Et als non potest depone

Jana BRISTOW de Alscot………… (English testimony confirming the above)

Cicilia MEAD………..( English testimony confirming the above)


File will Wf-15-338

Parish register – burial 3 Jan 1602

In the name of god amen anno dni 1602 the xxiiij th daye of December I John WADE of Culverton in the pishe of Princes Risbrowe in the county of Bucks yeoman being aged and weake in bodye but of sownd and pfect remembrance make this my last will and testament in manner as followeth

Ffirst I bequeath my soule into the hands of almighti god and my bodye to be buryed in decent manner as it shall seeme good to myne executors, Concerning my lands and worldly goods I geve unto Giles WADE my sonne and to his heirs and assignes forever three acres of grownde as they be reckoned wherof two acres are arrable land lyeing in Acknell Furlonge the othe lyeing on the backside of Culverton The third acre is of meadowe knowen by the name of Hawkes His Meade The sayd three acres being parte and pcell of the lands appertayning to a certayne messuage or tenement of myne scituate & being at Lowselye Rowe in the pishe of Princes Risbrowe abovesayd wch at this psent tyme Nicholas WELLHEAD dwelleth in

Item I geve & bequeath unto Margaret my wife and the sayd messuage or tenement wth the appurtenances, the land and closes, to the same belonging excepting thees three acres afore mentioned geven unto my sonne Giles, to have hold occupie and enioye the sayd messuage wth all thappurtenances the land and closes to the same ptayninge except as afore, unto the sayd Margaret my wife to her executors asministrators & assignes for and during the tearme of her naturall lyfe and one whole yeare next after her death

Also I geve unto John the sonne of my sonne Thomas WADE deceased the sayd messuage wth all thappurtenances the land & closes therto belonginge excepting as before sayd to have holde possesse and enioye the same to him the sayd John and to his heirs and assignes forever after the one whole yeare after the death of Margaret my sayd wife yf he the sayd John shall then have attayned and be of the full age of xxiiij ti years but yf it happen the sayd John to dye before his age of xxiiij ti years then I will that Robert WADE his brother nowe dwelling with William FREE shall in lyke manner as he the sayd John should have and possesse at his full age of xxiiij ti years the sayd lands and tenements unto him the sayd Robert to his heirs and assignes forever Provided alwayes that yf my sayd wife Margaret shall dye before the sayd John come to his age of xxiiij ti years aforementioned then I will that Robert WADE myne owne naturall sonne and one of myne executors shall use and occupie all the lands and tenements wch I have before bequeathed unto the sayd John untill that age, And then shall deliver up the same payenge further for every yeare in wch he shall so occupie the same xxx s of lawfull monye of England to the sayd John Also I will that yf the sayd John shall happen to die before he shall possesse my land bequeathed unto him as before sayd then the lyke order shalbe observed by my sayd sonne Robert Towards Robert the brother of that sayd John concerning the sayd lands ass before sayd is to be donne for the sayd John but yf neyther the sayd John nor Robert his brother shall live to possesse the sayd lands and tenement according to this will Then after the death of my wife as aforesayd my sayd sonne Robert shall keepe and enioye the same to him selfe to his heirs and assignes forever

Item I geve and bequeath further unto Margaret my wife ij of my best milche kyne, and one bulloke & fortye sheepe and two hoggs Also my best bed & bedsteed wth all the furniture therto appteyning as nowe they are, Also six loades of billett to be bothe readye made and brought home to her howse every yeare during her naturall lyfe at the charges of Robert WADE my sonne Also I will the Robert WADE my sonne or his assignes shall eare and plowghe at all dewe tymes and seasons all the lands for the sayd Margaret my wife wch I have geven unto her, belonging to her howse at Lowsely Rowe aforesayd And shall doe the same in as good order and manner as he shall use to doe his owne

Item I will that my sayd wife shal have her dyet of meate and drincke with washing & wringing donne for her freely at the hands of Robert my sonne or his assignes in my farme whear nowe I dwell for and during the tearme of her naturall lyfe or otherwise yf she shall myslike at any tyme so to take it desiring rather to pvide diet for her selfe Then my sayd sonne Robert his heirs executors or assignes shall geve unto her one brasse pott one kettle one brasse panne one chest three pewter platters three pewter dishes one saltseller one brasse candlestick one barrell one tubb and one of my cupbords alnd also shall paye and deliver unto her or to her assignes every yeare of her naturall lyfe one quarter of good and cleanr sweete wheate And one quarter of good maulte and so she departe away

Item I geve unto Giles WADE my sonne five pownds of lawfull minye to be payd unto him for fowre years next after my death Also I geve to mysayd sonne Giles fortye sheepe also one carte wth a payre of shood wheeles one mare wth her coulte and three other naggs Also I geve and bequeath unto the same Giles and Edward his brother one mowe of wheate wch nowe lyeth in my great barne at the end next unto the lane or so much of the same as shalbe left at the tyme of my death equally to be devided betweene them willinge that they and their assignes shall have free accesse ingresse and egresse into the sayd barne at all convenyent tymes to thresheand to dresse the same And they shall leave the straw chaffe therof to Robert my sonne or his assignes

Item I geve and bequeath unto the same Giles my sonne all my barly wch lyeth in the newe barne at Culverton

Item I geve to Robert the sonne of my sonne Thomas deceased xx to bushells of barlye to be put to the best advantage for his use and to be delivered unto him at his age of xxj ti years wth all the pfitt arysing of the same

Item I geve to my daughter Elizabeth NEWMAN one quarter of barlye

Also to my daughter Joane BIGGE one quarter of barlye

Also to my daughter Ffrauncis DOWGHTIE one quarter of barlye

Item to William WADE my sonne fowre sheepe

Item to my brother Nicholas WADE one bushell of wheate

Item to William the sonne of John NEWMAN one ewe & one lambe

Item to John and Margaret the children of James BIGGE to eyther of them one ewe and one lambe

Also to John and Robert the sonnes of William WADE to eyther of them one ewe and one lambe

Item to John William and Fredericke the sonnes of Robert WADE my sonne to every of them two sheepe

Item I will that Giles and Edward my sonnes shall have and enioye eyther of them to their owne proper use the whole croppe that kinde soever it be wch shalbe growinge at the tyme of my death uppon any parte of lands ptayning to eyther of them And moreover yf thear by any parte of lands to eyther of them ptayninge wch at the tyme of my death shalbe ready to be sowen and not sowed I will that my sonne Robert or his assignes at their owne proper charges doe sowe the same and the sayd Giles and Edward shall gather the croppe

Item I geve to Widdowe STANNELL and Sayge FFORDE one bushell of wheat betwixt them

Item I geve unto Thomas BRINE and Elizabeth ROBINS my servants nowe dwellinge with me to eyther of them iij s iiij d

Also to the poore people of Princes Risbrowe xx s of lawfull monye to be distributed amongst the moste needy howsholders

All other goods and chattells whatsoever & whersoever unto me appteyninge and not bequeathed after my debts and legacyes payd and my funerall and other ordenarye expences done I geve and bequeath unto Robert and Edard my sonnes whome I doe ordeyne to be the executores of this my last will and testament notwthstanding I will that Robert my sonne shall have to his owne proper use my chest in the milke howse

Also I geve and bequeath unto the sayd Robert and Edward my sayd executors the whole croppe of corne & grayne whatsoever shalbe sowed and growing uppon any parte of my farme that nowe I dwell in excepting thoes cropps wch shall growe uppon the lands of Giles and Edward as I have before bequeathed unto them, And also excepting all the cropp of corne whatsoever shalbe growing at the tyme of mydeath uppon any parte of the lands appteyninge to my howse at Lowsely Rowe afore bequeathed to my wife Margaret and being nowe in myne owne occupation wch corne I geve and bequeath unto my sayd wife And furthermore I will that all and every legacy by me afore bequeathed shalbe delivered and payd unto every severall pson as I have bequeathed wthin one moneth next after my death excepting such as I have appoynted any prescript tyme for payment therof And also except the payment of any & every gifte of corne before bequeathed wch I will to be payd wthin whole year (sic) next after my death

Also that whatsoever I have bequeathed unto my younge children afore named it shalbe delivered wthin one moneth next after my death unto the parents of every of them

Will of William MAKEY

Information provided by:

Alan Robert MAKEY

Will of William MAKEY dated 1 March 1762 – proved London 14 April 1762

Bpt 5 April 1724 Goodnestone-by-Sandwich, Kent – died 1762 at Little Linford, Bucks

Names mentioned: (willed £250 * in trust)

. To friends; John SYBTHORPE (Dairyman) and Richard PATTA ?

Wife – Rebecca MAKEY b? d?

Nephews – Richard MAKEY bpt 5 August 1750 Nonnington, Kent

William MAKEY bpt 10 November 1751 Barfrestone, Kent

Brother – Valentine MAKEY bpt 10 April 1726 Goodnestone-by-Sandwich, Kent d,bur 3 September 1894 – married Elizabeth BURVILL or BURVEL 23 October 1749 Barfrestone, Kent

Mother – Elizabeth MAKEY (nee DILLNOTT) bpt 1700 Sutton, Nr Dover, Kent married Richard MAKEY (bpt 1701) on 31 July 1721 St George The Martyr, Canterbury, Kent.

The will of William MAKEY bpt 1724 – 1762

William (M21) was the second born son of Richard (M14; bpt 1701) and Elizabeth (DILLNOTT). William’s younger brother by two years, was Valentine MAKEY (M22; bpt 1726-1804)

All we knew of William was that he was baptized on the 5th, April 1724 in Goodnestone by Sandwich, Kent and despite searching most of the records in East Kent we had been unable to trace his movements from that age any further.

William’s Grandfather was Richard MAKEY (M9; 16??-1727 or 8) who had married Judeth HOLLIS (16??-1719) in Great Mongeham, Kent, on the 18th, October 1683. Richard was my 6 x Great Grandfather.

For the last four years no new information had come to light of what had happened to William, had he married and moved out of the county, or suffered an early demise? – then a few months ago, I discovered that two wills existed in the Perogative Court of Canterbury which had not been discovered with the other four previously published wills in 1991, this led to further searching at the Public Records Office in London, despite a very long search only one will could be found from 1762, the will of William MAKEY from Buckinghamshire dated April 1762, no trace could be found of the other will of a John MAKEY, reputed to be dated October 1763, in Middlesex.

The weeks rolled by until just this week, the last few days of November when the very poor photostat copy arrived on my doorstep.

Regretfully this copy does not therefore reveal all of its secrets, I am however hoping that a better copy could be obtained at a later date, or failing that, the text typed verbatim, from the original document at the Public Records Office. In the meantime I have scribed below what I could decipher, and once again a few treasures from our past ancestors come to light through such documents.

In the name of God Amen:

I William MAKEY of Little Linford in the county of ……? (presume Buckinghamshire) weak in body but of sound and disposing mind ….? And in understanding praised be to God for the same do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the manner and ….? …….? that is to say first I give and bequeath unto my two ….? (friends?) John SYBTHORPE of ……? in the county of Bucks, Dairyman, and Richard PATTA? of Newport Pagnell in the said county of Bucks, …….? (his occuapation), the sum of Two Hundred and fifty pounds. In trust ….? That they the said John SYBTHORPE and Richard PATTA or PATH? or the survivor of them or his executors or their administrators.

Do and shall as soon as …? ….? ….? after my decease put ….? ….? Interest upon Government or other Securities or lay it out in the purchase of Stock in the name or names of the said John SYBTHORPE etc

Shall pay and apply all such interest as shall from time to time grow, but for the same or such profit as therof ….? be made unto my dear wife Rebecca MAKEY …? Immediately after her decease I do hereby direct ….? and appoint that the said John SYBTHORPE and Richard PATTA? or the survivor etc etc …. and shall pay and dispose of the said sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds in the manner following (that is to say) unto each of my two nephews – Richard MAKEY and William MAKEY sons of my brother Valentine MAKEY……… the sum of One Hundred Pounds a piece to be paid them at the ….? ages of Twenty Four Years and in the case of either of my nephews shall happen to die before he shall attain the said age of twenty four years then and in such case ….? …..? and bequeath the said sum of One Hundred pounds to be shared amongst the daughter of daughters of my brother Valentine MAKEY, to be equally divided between them. Share and share alike. (Same note, if daughters died, would then go to Valentine)

Next I give and bequeath the sum of Fifty Pounds ….? of the said sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds unto my mother Elizabeth MAKEY and my brother Valentine MAKEY, to be equally divided between them, share and share alike, and in case of the death of either of them give the same to the survivor of them, but in case they both die …? my said wife then I give and bequeath the same unto all and …? the daughter and daughters of my said brother Valentine MAKEY, to be equally divided between them, share and share like. And my mind and will further is that in case my said wife Rebecca MAKEY shall happen to die before my said nephews shall have attained their ages of 24 years as aforesaid, then I do hereby order and direct that my said Trustees or survivor etc etc, shall pay and apply all such interest of the said sum of Two hundred and fifty pounds or such profits as ….? …..? ….? unto my said mother Elizabeth MAKEY until my said nephews shall attain theor respective ages of twenty four years as aforesaid

Brief extract of next few lines in todays Jargon….. paid immediately on his death:- to his mother £10. Next I give and bequeath unto said two nephews, Richard and William MAKEY, the sum of Ten Pounds a piece, in order to put them out Apprentices at their respective ages of fourteen years…… brief details, Left to Nephew Richard, silver watch and siver plate buttons, to Nephew William, silver shoe buckles and silver plate buttons.

Part only of will dated 21st, March 1762

Katerine ASMER

In ye name of god amen ye vjth day of January ye yere of or lord god 154ij

I Katerine ASMER wydow in Longewick within ye pyshe of Risbury princes beinge syke in body but of parfyt remembrance mak my laste wil after this maner following

Ffyrst Y bequeth my sowle to almyghty god to or lady saynte Mary and to all the holy company yt ys in heven and my body to be buryd wtin ye church yarde of Risbury princes &c

Item Y geve to ye sacrament in worship tnerof iiij d

Item to ye mother churche of Lincoln ij d

Item to ye maynetayning of Jesus masse iij s iiij d

Item to ye repracons of ye torches iiij d

Item to ye repracons of ye church iij s iiij d

Item to ye sacrament lyght & ye rode lyght iiij d

Item to Annis WIGHT my dawgter a cowe yt is wight & blake ye best kyrtyl ye best bede & a hive of (sic) & a quarter of malte & too payre of shets

Item to ev’y one of her chyderne a bushell of malte

Item Y geve Richard WIGHT my sonne a cowe and iij quarter of malt

Item to Annis CERE ij bushell of malte

Item to ev’y godchyld ij d a pece

Item to Katerine ODYL a bushell of malte

Item to Bryget WIGHT ij quarter of malte a cowe and ye best brasse pot iij pewter platters & a bason & a blanket too payre of shets a table cloth a brass pot ye seconde a coverlet and a kyrtyl clothe & petcote clothe of ye wight pece

Item to James WUTTON a quarter of malte a yewe & ye second kyrtyle

Item to Gregory WUTTON ij bushell of malte

Item to John BARNES Robert WILLIAMS Richard NEWE my neygburs ev’y one of them a bushell of malte

Item to Betarys OLDE ye beste pety cote

Item to Richard JANES of Lowsley Rowe a bushell of malte

Item to William WHEELER and to Thomas (“W” over) to eche of them a pewter platter

Item to Annis HORNEBLO a pewter platter

Item to Jone GOLDE a bushell of malte

Item to John WHELER a bushell of malte (crossed out) a hive of bees

Item Y geve to meand ye hyghway at ye myl at or towne ens ij s

Item to Katerine LOUSSLEY a chersche a awprne

The resydue of my goods not nequthyd my detts to be payd and this my last will to be pfromed Y put into y hands & custody of Thomas WUTTON whom Y ordayne to be my ful executor and also Hugh WHELER of Radnage to be oversear to ys my will & for to have for hys paynes takyne xiij s iij d & yt they may dyspose my goods & to pforme my will for ye helthe of my sowle and christian sowlls amen

Witnes therto




Wt other moo

(in different ink) pr xij february ao de super r ………… BRISTOW




File will Wf-31-318
Burial – 25 May 1630 Hugh PARSONS
14 May 1630 cordwainer
To wife Bridget my house wherein I now dwell and the backside with the house or tenement wherein Charles FFUNGE now dwelleth and the rent of the house wherein Thomas DARBIE now dwelleth with the house wherein Thomas LOVEJOY now dwelleth
To son Nicholas afterwards on condition daug Joan is paid £5
To second son Robert the house wherein Thomas LOVEJOY now dwelleth with the shoppe thereunto belonging to the streetward and 40 feet in length according to the standard of the backside & in breadth from the mound next adjoyning where Ralph BRINCKLETT now dwelleth so far as the same house standeth within half a foot leaving the dooreway sufficient and convenient to my son Nicholas his part Robert shall pay Joan 50s
To Hugh youngest house wherein Thomas DARBIE now dwelleth and throughout of the backside of 18 foot in breadth
To daug Joan 50s more
Residue to wife Bridget – executrix
Overseers: Robert AXTEN and Thomas CURRIER
Thomas GYLES
Robert AXTEN

Probatum fuit 14 Mch 1637


“PCC letters of administration 1620-30” – J.H.Morrison (1935)

To John LOWSLEY son of Catherine LOWSLEY alias ARNETT daughter of deceased 11 Aug


Parish register – burial 25 Sep 1616 – Henry DAVISON of ye town


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