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Buckinghamshire Photographers List 1864 - 1915

There are many ways to date an old photograph including identifying the photographer who took the picture and finding out when they were trading. This section lists Victorian and Edwardian photographers in Buckinghamshire including portrait and landscape photographers. The approximate dates for each photographer are given based on entries in directories, newspapers and other sources. The photographers may have been in business before or after the dates given.

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Postcard Publishers in Buckinghamshire

This page documents postcard publishers in Buckinghamshire. The list is split into two parts, firstly publishers in Bucks and secondly those outside Bucks (mainly national publishers which have produced local postcards).

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Is your ancestor here?

Thank you to Tony Alcock for sending us this picture of Slapton School pupils of 1907. Is one of your ancestors here? Can you recognise them from other photos you have? If so let us know. Click on photo to see enlargement

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Records about John Quomino and others

From the Buckinghamshire Dissent and Parish Life and Radclive Parish Registers.

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Buckinghamshire Statistics

Here are some statistics that apply to the whole county.

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Researching the First World War

PoppyInterested in the First World War, but need some social history for your research. Take a look at www.ww1soldierstale.co.uk Need to know about Buckinghamshire Regiment? There is information at Wikipedia Oxford and Bucks en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxfordshire_and_Buckinghamshire_Light_Infantry a good starting point.   

 http://oxfordandbucks.co.uk/diary/index.htm and http://oxfordandbucks.co.uk/Roll_of_Honour.htm

To find out more about Buckinghamshire Men in the First World War www.buckinghamshireremembers.org.uk is a great starting place.