Recently two photo albums have come into the possession of the Society. A note on the front cover says that they are holiday photographs taken in July/August 1927 and Summer 1928 in Padbury and the surrounding area. Can you help identify the families?
STOP PRESS - see below for the identities of some of the characters appearing. But the mystery remains - who owned the albums and appears as 'ME' ?? Can you shed any light?

They were found in a house clearance and generously passed to the Society by Louise Yearwood. We do not know who the family is but there are some clues that we hope the armchair detectives out there will pick up and solve so that the family can be identified and the albums returned to their rightful owners. Not all the pictures have captions but Crook's Farm and 'Boutonville' appear, as do the families BRAVEN and BOUGHTON. The photographer does not identify herself (shown here) but others mentioned include a young girl Vera(and her dog Toby), young men Les, Tom, Syd, Jim & Bill.

If any of these names ring a bell or you know the families of Padbury well please have a look at one of the albums and see if you can help.
Click here to view album 1
Click here to view album 2

Residents of Padbury please see if any of the families shown are yours!

Follow the progress UPDATE 21 Mar 2011
Tony Sargeant contributed
From Kelly's Directory 1928 for Padbury.

Braven, Lewis J.W. ran the New Inn

Crook, Thos A, farmer Padbury Hill & Mill Farm

Some of the pictures are identified as being taken outside the New Inn
It might be possible to trace early motorbike registrations

There is a picture of a small girl titled Kathleen Yvonne Masters aged 1
I have found a birth of a Kathleen Y Masters in the Dec quarter of 1927 in West Ham Registration district so. Another picture mentions her nursemaid. Was thisa family from London holidaying in Rural Bucks? They obviously have friends/relations in the area , Any further suggestions?

20/03/2011 Thanks to Brian Horridge we are now in contact with the great nephew of Kathleen (above) and one of the pictures shows his grandmother as a child. We are awaiting further information.

21/03/2011 We now have contact with the daughter of one of the ladies who appears with Kathleen. Kathleen died 3 years ago but her husband is still alive and we are hoping that he may have some more information

Jul 2011 We have now received information from Sheila Tapp who is the daughter of Doris(Boughton) shown in the photographs. Doris would have been about 16 and was in service in Padbury Lodge at the time of the photos, she married in 1938 and became Mrs Frankland.  The Jim, Bubbles(Walter) , and Fred are all brothers of Doris and played cricket for Padbury . Mrs Boughton is Ethel Boughton, grandma to Sheila.(Gradfather was Fred who was a farm labourer) Arthur(Toby) Boughton is another uncle 'at the door' is 22, Old End Padbury. Sheila was most helpful in identifying people & places but the mystery still remains - who is 'ME' the owner of the albums?