Slough - Concert & Race

Below is an advert for an entertainment and race for boys.

Music and dance played a great part in the lives of people.

The race is interesting as it is for all ages of boy. There is a handicap system where the slower and younger boys get a head start. This race is one of many over a season for boys, There are no adverts for girls races..

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Marlow Petty Sessions - Opening Hours

17th November 1866

From the Marlow Magistrates Minute Book

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Buckingham - Problem with Bull

8th September 1827

At Buckingham fair on Tuesday last a bull and cow entered the house of Harry Cox, the staymaker, and alarmed the family whilst at breakfast; the entrance being narrow it was impossible to turn them out.

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High Wycombe - Storm

6th August 1842 High Wycombe,


On Wednesday afternoon this town was visited with a most violent and heavy storm, indeed such a one as even the oldest inhabitants cannot recollect before.

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Horton - Education

School Attendance Cases at Slough Petty Sessions, March 1897.

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Provision of Schools 1833

Summary Education Provision in of the County of Buckingham 1833

In 1833 there were 146,529 people living in Buckinghamshire

Provision of Schools

In 1833, before attending school was made compulsory , a survey was carried out to find out about what schools existed in the County. Below is a summary of what was found.

If you want to know what schools were provided in your parish please look for your parish in 'Bucks Parishes' and then 'Education Provision 1833'

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Slough Elementary Schools

Sir, May I venture to bring to notice of those of your readers who have children attending the Elementary Schools of the parish, the great importance of regular attendance, not only in the interests of the scholars whose progres is retarded by irregularity, but also as affecting the finances of the schools.

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