New Health Service

In 1940 the Eton Union Workhouse hospital was called Albert House. In 1948 the Health Service was set up and the Eton Union Workhouse hospital was transferred to the new service.

Census detail Clara Coleman

These are the few appearances in the census for Clara Coleman.

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Amersham - Petty Sessions - Family

25th Nov 1872

John Coleman was convicted of non-maintence of wife. The defendants real name was Thomas Coleman. The defendants wife is an inmate of the Asylum and chargeable to the common fund of the Amersham Union.

 Order 4/- per week and costs of 10/6.


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Amersham - Workhouse Offences

26 Aug 1872

Elizabeth Ayres was charged with leaving the workhouse without permission and taking workhouse clothing.

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Slough - Employment

A young man named Stockwell appeared before the Board and explained his presence in the Workhouse by stating that he left his place of work because he could not get enough money.

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Eton Union Workhouse Regulation for Inmates Diet

This is the regulations for the diet of workhouse inmates agreed by the Eton Board of Guardians on the 8th June 1835.

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Notes from Winslow Workhouse

These notes are a selection from the research carried out by Jenny Peel when she researched the Winslow Workhouse Records. Thanks to Jenny for allowing the Society to publish her work.

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