A note about money and coinage.

The fines in some of the Petty Sessions are in the pre decimal pounds, shillings and pence. The pound of the Victorian and period bought much much more that the pound of today. A house could cost about £200. In the 1930's houses could be bought for £350.

The pound can be used to relate the the coins on the earlier times. Today a pound has 100 pennys while the old pound has 240 pence.

Victorian Modern 
 2.5 pence 2 1/2d1 penny 
 6 pence (sixpence) 6d 2.5 pennys
 12 pence (shilling) 1s or 1/-5 pennys
 2 shillings (florin) 2s or 2/-10 pennys
 half crown (2.5 shillings) 2s 6d or 2/612.5 pennys 
 crown (5 shillings) 5s or 5/- 25 pennys
 10 shillings 10s or 10/- 50 pennys
 240 pence (20 shillings)£1 100 pennys
 21 shillings (1 Guinea) £1 1s1 pound 5 pence

The pounds, shillings and pence currency was changed to the decimal system used today on 15th February 1971.