From the Buckinghamshire Dissent and Parish Life and Radclive Parish Registers.

Bishop Wake's Summary of the responses:

... No person of of qualitie, of gentleman of estate lives, or has any house in this place, except Mrs Woodfine, widow. ...

Visitation of 1709
... One not yet baptised, and negro; few confirmed. ...

Visitation of 1712
... One negro servant comes to church un-baptized; few besides servants not confirmed. ...

From the burial register of Radclive cum Chackmore:

17 August 1707 John Quomino, a negro servant of Madam Woodfine having been baptised about 12 years since at Stepney in the county of Middlesex.

2 January 1713 Christina or Feebee Assaba, a negro girl of riper years (slave to Madam Woodfine above 6 years)