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Social History

Reputed, Base or Spurious (Bastardy)
Marriage a la Mode (Marriage Customs)
A Child's Eye View of Marriage 1900
The Indian Connection
Goffering, Glazing & Goose (Laundering)
Enjoying Old Churches
The History of The Windsor Chair
Was Your Ancestor A Civil Servant?
The Common Lodging House in Vistorian England
The History of Brewing
Watermen and Lightermen
Sold, Separated and Divorced
When Threshing Machines Were New
Postman's Knock (Postal History)
The Victorian Villagers
And Then Came the Snow (1881)
Arms and the Man – Some Simple Heraldry
This Yeare Jacobean Feast
Architectural Vernacular: Houses and Cottages
Friendly Societies
Weird & Wonderful Weddings
The Victorian Way of Death
Families Travelling Long Distances in the Eighteenth Century
Coroners’ Inquests
Coroners’ Inquests: An Example
Around the Parish Pump (Parish Officers)
Except the Common People (Labourers)
Christmas Day New Style 1752
Where Did They Really Live?
The Ancestral Home
The Time Lords (Clock History)
Episcopal Visitation 1662
Stephening: An Ancient Custom
An Early Coroner's Roll
Experiences of a County Coroner
A Guide to the Medieval Manor
The Victorian Funeral
Weather Lore – Fact or Fiction?
A Gypsy in the Family
Death & Taxes
Bad Beds & No Potatoes, the hungary 1840s
Frivolity and Fashion
Sold, Separated or Really Divorced
Boats and Boaters
Gypsies, Tinkers and some Traveller Communities
Diary of a Provincial Childhood
In Search of Houses
Who Was Mrs Williamson?
Female Servant Agency
Buried in Woollen
Post Office Museum licences
Beat That, Postman Pat!
Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum 1642-1660
Such a Lovely Woman
Drink, The Devil and The Lords
Chelsea Pensioners
Monthly Nurse
Where Did He Come From?
Expenses of a Middle Class Funeral
Dig for Victory
Aspects of the Life of a Working-class Family Moving from Bucks in the 1870s,
SEAR Part 1
Aspects of the Life of a Working-class Family Moving from Bucks in the 1870s,
SEAR Part 2
Chronicles of the Nineteenth Century Smith Family
Putting Flesh on the Bones
People Die for Want of Bread 1757
County Appraisers
Dealers in Plate
Royal "Quit Rents"
Books of the Bible
Hatch & Match - A History of Parish Registers
The Superintendent Registrar
Why Young Men Leave Home
A Tenant of this Manor Manor Court Rolls
Royal Ancestry
Registration Of Weddings
History of Morris Dancing 1660-1900
Old Age Travellers, itinerants
Did you know that in the 1850s
Average weekly wages and how they were spent
Burials in Woollen
Hereditary Factors What you inherit/pass on
Haemophilia in the Royal Family
The Evolution of Language
Registration of Birth and the Sacrament of Baptism
Why Come Ye Not to Church?
Religious Dissent
Saxons, Normans or Sailors We?
Add a Little Spinage
The Secrets of the Book
Some Mighty Animal
Trubbles With Yr Puncke Rockers? Episcopal Visitation Book
Useful Facts About Registration
Identifying Old Photographs (Dating by Costume)
Better Late than Never
Local Swingers 1830
Christmas Past
Woad or Wad People
The families of dyers
Mother knows best
Vellum & Parchment Making Through the Ages
Curious And Curiouser - Tools and Equipment
A Further Snippet – The King's Message
Witchcraft in the South East
Marriage and Birth in the 1880s
The Wonderful World of Willow
John Picton’s Widows - Bigamy
An Inspector Calls (Parish Registers)
After Parish Registers - What?
A Portrait of Grandpa
Ancestors of Monarchs
Village Friendly Societies
Village Self-Help & Friendly Societies
Ropes, Roses and Rabbit Stew
Old Films
Remembering Granny
How It Used To Be
The Facebook Generation
The Twelve Days of Christmas
The Idle Women (Inland Waterways)
Fire Marks and Fire Insurance
Curiosities of Local History The Judge & the Straw
Where are You From? A Question of Settlement
Some Historical Murders
Hang 'Em and Burn 'Em
The Derby Scheme
The 1914 scheme to encourage conscription introduced by Lord Derby
Trade Tokens - History from a Different Direction
Adoption and Fostering c. 1850–1930
Churchwardens' Accounts
Women in Family History
Some alternative sources for tracing women in your family tree
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Humourous adaptation of the nursery rhyme
Migration of Maids
The numbers employed and migration patterns of female domestic servants at the end of the 19th century
More Wretched Objects (East India Company Recruits)
The Taxman Cometh
Berlin Wool, British Wine and Bells, Bells, Bells
Not a Yoking Matter
A Letter from Swan River
Oh Ye of Little Faith!
Charities and Trusteeships
Parchment & Vellum Through The Ages
Female Convicts Database
A Suffragette in the Family
The Life and Times of a Domestic Servant
Les Huguenots
Huguenot Memories
Deponent Further Saith (Chancery Despositions – Bernau Index)
Glider Gang Captures "D" Day Key Bridge
Lesser Known Ladies of the Lamp
A Certain Cure for the Bite of a Mad Dog
Judging by Appearances
Brass Farthings
The Way We Talk
This is What Our Children Think of Their Father
Thames Watermen
Coining It!
Gilbert & Sullivan Kept it in the Family
Rogues and Vagabonds Need Not Apply
Droughts, Deluges & Dust Devils. 300 Years Of Weather
Victorian Costume
Superior Eyre of Michaelmas 1389 at High Wycombe
What the Coachman Saw
Murder most foul 1822
On the Green - An Actor's Life
The Signatories of the Orthodox Confession of 1679
A Royal Racing Certainty circa 1824
Kissing Cousins
The Russians Are Coming
Middle Class Ancestry
Travelling People
Those were the days
The Snowstorm of 1881
The Life and Loves of a Victorian Clerk
They Don't Belong Here! (Settlement and Removal)
One of our Aircraft is Missing
When Fire Consumeth All
Sea Wives
Parish Registers - their origin
Turning names into people
Memories of an Edwardian Christmas
Up With The Lark!
A Winter's Tale Continued
The Pinchbeck Connection
Invisible ancestors found in the Land Tax
'A True & Compleat Inventorie'
Women of Character
A Real Old Fashioned Christmas
Stay Me With Flaggons
Interesting and Useful
1881 Enumerators' Notes
The Longitudinal Study of Residential Histories
Removal Orders extracts from Parish Registers
The Lady in the Tomb
The British Way of Death
What Do You Get For One Shilling?
Settlement Examinations
The Life of a Seaside and a Country Ironmonger. Part 1
The Life of a Seaside and a Country Ironmonger. Part 2
Cheaper by the Dozen, shared birthdays
Better Late than Never, a postmortem marriage
How To Be An Evacuee
Railways to Royalty: The Story of an Anglo-German Family
Heirlooms And Favourite Ancestors
1752 And All That
A Methodist in the Family
If You Read at the Table … You'll die in the workhouse'.
This saying from the 1940s led Eileen Bartlett to write a report on the various records held by workhouses, especially Minute Books
Repeat Performance:
Coincidences in first and second marriages
My Cousin, My Self, Relationships
Remember Remember
Warrant for illegally letting off fireworks 1812
Born in the Tower
Witch County?, Stories of witchcraft
Housewife's Corner, A 16th Century recipe for 'Polonian Sawsage'
Seeing it Through their Eyes in Song
Theatre and Music Hall: My Ancestor Worked in the Theatre
Bevin Boys


The Boat People (Canals)
Station But No Trains (Brill)
Indictments for the Non-Repair of Roads in Bucks
Travelling by Road
Highlighting the changes in road transport and maintenance from 1600 - 1800
Rewley Road Station
The Stage Of Olden Time
The London to Oxford stagecoach
The Brill Tramway


It's a Long Way to Tipperary
Lake Britnell
A lake in Canada named after a Bledlow resident
A Bucks Quiz
Questions & Answers
The Name Game, Normandy names
He must have been a genealogical freak, sorting out a will
Whats in a Name?
The origins of the surname KIGHTLEY
Alles Uber Deutschland, German immigrants with George I
Master of the Seas
Life & Career of a 19th Century merchant seaman
A Very Strange Name - the forename Strange
When I Was A Young Man
Further thoughts on Ian Waller's talk Sold Separated or Really Divorced
Summoned as a Boy Soldier but he didn't Heed the Call!
Project Reports. Family and Community History. 19th and 20th C.
The Open University. CD-ROM
1998 Subscribers Quiz Questions & Answers
Thank you Father Christmas
The results of a request for Help! In Origins, December 1997
You Need Some Luck!
Tracing the Bonham family from Wingrave and showing how important a piece of luck can be.
Never Give Up Hope!
The story of a ten year search for confirmation of an ancestor that provides the writer (and reader) with the rule 'if at first, second, or third, you don't succeed, search, search, search again'!
Wishful Thinking .. or Pie in the Sky?
The Carter family and possible links to US President Jimmy Carter
Doing It Again, An amusing reworking by Mark Allaby of Lord Byron's 'The Destruction of Sennacherib'
And Things That Go Bump In The Night
News extract from the Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury dated 3 May 1759 detailing an accusation of witchcraft in Wingrove; from the Northampton Mercury dated 2 July 1770 claiming witchcraft in Ivinghoe
Can You Spell that Please - Variations on Names
Advertisement April 1894
What's in a Name?
Equal that if you can! Dutch marriage certificates
In Search of the Missing Link - If Ever There Was One!, Part 2
BOG, SoG & COG? Modern Anathema
What Did Research Cost 100 Years Ago?
Reader, Did She Marry Him?
No Springs & No Connections
There's Not a Lot of Us About
One Name Studies
Men Who March Away: Soldier Songs & Ballads
Maybe Its Because I'm Londoner
Loftus Road Legacy: The History of Shepherd's Bush Football Club
A Correction: from The Indian Connection (Dec 2004)
Name Changes Through the Years
Where Shall We Live? Moving to Bucks 1906 –1914
The Search for Avis Reading
Big Trees from Little Saplings Grow
Personal Ancestral File - A Family History Program
Keeping it in the Family
Were Your Ancestors in The Times?
NAIOMI National Archives Index of Monumental Inscriptions
Manorial Courts in Bucks
Further records: Surveys, Rentals, Lists of Tenants & Residents,
Manorial Courts in Buckinghamshire
The Future of the LDS
Evolution of our Language
Old Photographs – What’s Your Story?
Who Would You Most Like To Speak To?
What Got You Started?
Are You Related To David Beckham?
Are You Related to Ronnie Barker?
Are You Related to Kate Middleton?
A Near Miss?or A Close Encounter
Old Photographs
A Manly Race
William “Wrong Day of the Week”
Following Grandmother's Footsteps
Far Flung Family
Writ on fair Parchment
Among My Souvenirs
Bang! Flash! What a Picture (Photography)
We Always Spell it with an H (Name Variants)
Mystery Corner
She Got Her Man
The Protesters
Protestant Dissenters' Ministers Bill, 1811
Regnal Years
The World of Flora Thompson