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Police, Prison & Law

Who Shall Swing for This? Machine-breaking Riots
The Aylesbury Agitator (Edward RICHARDSON)
Quarter Session Records
More About Quarter Sessions Records
This Criminal County
Transportees and Records in Tasmania (MEREDEN)
A Bad Year for Crime in the County
The Voyage of the Moffat, (Convict Ship Surgeon's Report)
A Journey in Search of Convict Ancestors
Quarter Sessions Records
What is in the Quarter Sessions Records?
Buckingham Sessions, 1882 (Arthur HEDGES)
The Assize and Quarter Session Records
Criminal Ancestors in England
Identikitte? (JOHNSON and YOUNG - Escapees from Aylesbury Gaol 1680)
Quarter Sessions and their Value to Family Historians
Criminal Connection
The Captain Swing Riots in Bucks
To be transported beyond the seas
A detailed account of a family history incorporating transportation and the legality of remarriage for the spouse left behind
Was Your Ancestor a Criminal?
Howards report on Aylesbury Gaol
William MOBBS Hanging at Aylesbury Gaol
What Was My Gt Gt Grandfather Doing in Aylesbury Gaol in 1851?
Murder on Bledlow Ridge (1893)
Up Before the Beak (Justices of the Peace)
Sent to the Hulks
1829-30 Aylesbury Gaol
London's Bawdy Courts 1703-1713 - Some Bucks 'customers'
Bucks Assizes
Bucks Folk Found Whilst Perusing the Victorian Prisoners Photograph Album
Aylesbury Prisoners
Transported prisoners Oct 1830
Prisoners in Aylesbury Gaol 1801 Migration
Crime Sheet for the Gaol Birds
Aylesbury Gaol 1851
From the Calendar of Bucks. Quarter Session Records Easter Session, 2 May 1728 (I Geo. II)
A Brush With The Law
Petty Sessions Records
If You Want to Know the Time Don't Ask a Policeman (MARTIN)
Keeping the King's Peace Down the Years
Police History
Tracing Police Ancestry
A Policeman's Lot
Constabulary Force Bill (County Police Act 1839)
Memorial to Police Officers killed on duty
The Buckingham Police Force
Sir Richard Mayne's Finest
Early policing
Crime Sometimes Paid, Crime & punishment
The Hue & Cry & Police Gazette, Murder 1801
A Controversial Burial, Burial of the executed William HAWKINS
The Biter Bit - The downfall of Sgt PERKINS 1842
William COX is Innocent, O.K.? (Wycombe, 1784)
The Great Train Robbery
Newport Pagnell Police Museum
Some Bucks Folk Who Were Executed
The Life And Times Of Sidney TURNER
Buckinghamshire Police Constable
The Story Of The Hanslope Police Constables
The 'Old Bill' Visit' - Police Museum at Newport Pagnell
Scenes of Crime Work of the police teams
The Police, follow up of last edition's article
Metropolitan Police Records
Swing Rioters to Tasmania
The Bucks Special Assize 1831
The Law of His Majesty
The Amateur Justice (Justices of the Peace)
The Bledlow Ridge Murder 1893 (KINGHAM)
Thomas ALDERMAN, My Convict Ancestor
Bucks Men at the Inner Temple
16th Century Bucks men at the Inner Temple
List of students from Bucks
A Case in Chancery - Dinton Hall Part 2
Transportees and Where to Find Their Records in England
John Tattam: Transportee
Campbeltown - Convicts to Currency (MORRIS)
Guests of Her Majesty the Queen
Aylesbury Gaol 1851

Records & Record Offices

Lady Alford's Tenants List
These are now in a searchable component on this site.
Diocesan Records
Tracing Tommy Atkins
War Office Records
Golden Oldies, Records of Longevity
Ecclesiastical Church Records
Granddaddy worked on the Railways, Railway Records
Could This Be The Answer To Those Missing Entries
Baptism records
Did Grandpa keep a pub?, pub records
Shaking the Banyan Tree (East India Company records)
Educational Records for Local Historians
Lost, Stolen or ...?
Wendover Parish Overseers' Records
Your Local Record Office
The Open Day at the Buckinghamshire Record Office (oddities & facts)
The Buckingham Record Office Annual Report and List of Accessions for 1993
The Manor. Its Records and Its People
The Parochial Registers and Records Measure
Wycombe and Its Records
Down to the Sea in Ships
Seamans' Records
In Oliver's Day - The Records of the Time
Dream Record Office
Bribery and Corruption: The Unreformed Electoral System and Its Records
British India and Indian Records
Extract from Hertford County Records (hailstorm of 1774)
Useful Records - The Sainsbury Archive
The Sticking Point
Missing entries from the GRO Indexes
Comedy of Errors (GRO Records)
Sources for Researching Family History at the Public Record Office
Berkshire Record Office
Interesting Resources at the Centre for Bucks Studies
City of London Records
Winslow Manor Court Books, Buckinghamshire Records Society
Manorial Records
The Archivist Replies
Huguenot Records
Tax Records for the Reign of Charles II in the Bucks Records Office
Depositing Church Records
I've Got a Little List (Tax Records)
The Public Record Office
Indian Giver or The Price of Information (PRO Records)
Bucks Records in the Suffolk Record Office
Bucks Records at the Norfolk Record Office
The Bodleian – What's in it for Us?
Tracing Your Family History Through Medical Resources
High Wycombe Library
Milton Keynes Library Resources
Fire Insurance Policies at the Guildhall Library
Sources for the British Overseas in the SoG Library, TNA, Guildhall and Elsewhere
County Library Databases
Dr Williams' Library
Treasures of the Society of Genealogists
The Library of the Society of Genealogists
Society of Genealogists' Library
Using the Library of the Society of Genealogists
Society of Genealogists Library
The Guildhall Library
The International Genealogical Index(The IGI)
Our Project (Parish Registers)
Bucks County Museum
Slough Resources
Sources for London Research
20th Century Resources
Lloyds Maritime Collection
Two Twentieth Century Areas of Research
A Register of the Estates of Roman Catholics
The Chapman County & Country Codes
Heraldry and Family History
First Names in Family History
Publish and Be Blessed (Local Archives)
Access to Archives
The Disappearance of Old Documents
Family History in the 21st Century
Back to Sources
New Photographic Archive, (Sharing Wycombe's Old Photos - SWOP)
Pictures and Photos of Old Bucks
Dates and Calendars for the Genealogist
Bucks People
Setting us in the Right Direction, Directories
General Registration Regions
Early Days of Civil Registration
A Hunting we will go - seeking out MIs
Perseverance Pays Off
The Documents in the Case
The Buckinghamshire Local Collection
The Heirloom
Bucks County Museum
Where to Look Before That (research sources)
Bucks Registers supplemented by Bishop's Transcripts
In Praise of Somerset House
Manorial Document Register for Bucks
Transcriptions of Bucks Returns from 1809 Inquiry
So That's Where The Missing Register Went
Poll Books
Sources for reconstructing 19th Century Communities
The Lloyd George Domesday of England
Bristol Register of Servants sent to Foreign Plantations 1654-1686