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Inns & Pubs

The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook
The history of England's third oldest inn, believed founded in 1106.
The White Horse Pub
Photo: locals opposite The Brickmould Public House
White Horse Pub
Pubs at the Bird-in-Hand Hamlet
The History of Inn Signs
the significance of inn signs and in particular inn names and their relationship to the locality and/or events
History of the Barge Inn, Little Woolstone
The Coaching Inns of Bucks
Olney Inns and Innkeepers
The Red Lion at Bourne End
White Hart Street, High Wycombe

Militia, Army, Navy, Air Force

Alias Polly Oliver?
Agnes POTTER 1624 Battle Of Edgehill
What Did You Do in the Great War Daddy?
What My Father Did in the War